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Writing a resume is easy. Writing a resume that hiring managers want to read requires more effort. Keep in mind the following guidelines, though, and your resume will get read more often!

Keep it short. No one is going to read a 5 page treatise about your influence on the american capitalist system. Put in only what is important, and write it as succinctly as possible. Put the most important stuff first. Many hiring managers make a snap judgment within seconds of picking up a resume, so if yours is more than a page, make sure the most impressive bits are on the first.  

Keep it correct. Occasionally people shorten their resumes to such an extreme that they write in incomplete sentences. Do not give in to the temptation. Use correct grammar and punctuation. Written communication skills are imperative for almost all jobs.  Show your potential employer what a fantastic writer you are and what attention to detail you have.

Keep it relevant. As interesting as your goose juggling hobby is, unless you are applying to the circus or as a Joss Whedon character, it is irrelevant. Some professionals suggest including one or two interesting things about yourself as a way to humanize your resume and help you stand out from other similar applicants, but this should not get priority. Remember, you are taking someone’s time with every sentence. Fluff is not appreciated. Lose it or relegate it to the end of your resume, behind all the things that qualify you for the job.  

When you get stuck or wonder whether something should go here or there, remember that you are sending your resume to another human with another job, limited time, stress and a hectic life. Put yourself in their shoes and write a resume that you would appreciate reading. For more tips on resume writing and about the hiring process in general, check us out. Based on this article we recommend you read:3 Tips For Creating a Quality Resume3 Tips to Shine During a Preliminary Telephone Interview, and The 3 Most Difficult Questions You’ll Face in Any Job Interview.

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