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You’ve picked out your clothes, figured out where you need to go, reviewed your resume, and gone over some answers to potential questions you might be asked. Now, it’s time to bring it all together with confidence! To make sure you pass with flying colors, here are 4 interview tips to stand out.

During the Interview

  1. Relax – Before you even set foot in the building, sit in your car or a bench and just breathe for a few minutes. Steadying your nerves before such an encounter makes a huge difference in how you present yourself. Once you’re there, pay attention to your body and any tension you feel. Even while you’re interviewing, if you catch yourself tensing up, continue to breathe and release the tension every time you exhale. You’ll be more comfortable, and it’ll show.
  2. Appearance – You’ve worked on this beforehand, by selecting your outfit ahead of time. However, the day of, your appearance is about more than just the clothes you’re wearing. A friendly smile and consistent eye contact are enormous factors in making a great first impression. It’s also important to focus on your posture. Slouching is unattractive and might suggest a lack of confidence. Be aware of any nervous habits you have, as well. Clicking a pen or nervously tapping your feet are distractions and a clear sign of nerves.
  3. Conversation – Allow the interviewer to take the lead with conversation. There’s no shame in pausing to think before answering their questions. Be mindful of your answers and the language you use. Avoid negative comments about past employers or work situations. Instead, do your best to highlight the positives, like what you learned and how you benefited. Avoid interrupting or talking over them; yet, be sure to ask questions relevant to the position you’re applying for and be engaged in the conversation.
  4. Impression – When it’s all said and done, you want to leave a lasting impression. Begin and end your time slot with a firm handshake. Thank them for their time with a smile and express your desire to join their team. Nothing makes a greater impression than someone with a positive attitude and a sincere interest in the job. Showing up prepared is a very attractive quality in any potential job candidate.

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