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There are a lot of considerations you need to make for the success of your small business. When it should grow and when you should hire more talent is near the top of the list. How do you know when you need more help and what is the best strategy for finding the best potential employees for your company? Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Take a Look at Projected Growth

Forecasting your company growth with be the best indicator of when you need to add staff to your team. Often businesses put the cart before the horse, but there is some question as to whether new employees are the cart or the horse. If you wait until you hit a certain growth cycle to hire an employee, it may take that employee several months to ramp up their productivity. In the meantime, you may lose momentum. If your new employee grows with your company, they and you will be in a better position to improve services.

Evaluate Current Employee Workloads

Another important factor to consider is the current workload of your employees. Are they frustrated? Are you seeing signs of burnout? Do you have to implement overtime policies just to get things done? If elevated work levels are unsustainable, it won’t matter if your company is growing. If the quality of work begins to drop or customers are complaining, you may want to consider adding to your staff. Also, take your employee experience into consideration. If you can’t give them the time off they’ve earned, you need to reevaluate your staffing plan.

Consider the Value of Time

The old business adage is “time is money.” As the business owner or manager, your time is incredibly valuable. So just because you can do everything doesn’t mean you should. How much does your time cost? Would it be better for you to invest in an expert to handle other aspects of your business so you can focus on what you’re best at or even what you enjoy the most? Hire someone who can handle these tasks so business development becomes your core focus.

Look at Client Feedback

One huge indicator that your company is growing and that you need more employees is client feedback. Your customers may be the most valuable source of information about your performance and if they’re seeing issues, then it may be past time to make a difference. Keep a close eye on client feedback and don’t wait until something becomes too big an issue to do something about it.

Partner With a Staffing Agency

Of course, hiring is a big expense and there are occasions when this won’t serve your company financially. This is especially true with seasonal roles or replacing an employee on leave. But you can shorten your time to hire and outsource the process by working with a staffing partner to fill short term, long term, and permanent placement jobs.

Is your company growing? Nextaff Employment Agencies in Kansas City can help, so call today.


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