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Here at Nextaff, we know one thing to be true above all else: your time is important

Whether it’s the laborious process of creating job postings and sifting through resumes, or interviewing candidate after candidate that just isn’t who you’re looking for, it’s just not efficient. When you have an open position in your company, you need it to be filled promptly, by quality talent. We can help. 

Here’s what we know: Traditional recruiting methods are ineffective. Most jobs are only posted on job boards, which don’t attract the full pool of candidates, and once the candidates have applied, the average recruiter only spends about 6 seconds looking at each resume. Traditional recruiting also usually involves unstructured interviews, which have been proven to be one of the least effective hiring methods. 

Basically, in your attempts to be efficient, you might be missing out on some quality talent. Let us be efficient for you instead, using a more scientific and methodical approach to hiring we refer to as the X-FACTOR process. 

Let us break down the X-FACTOR process, so you get an idea of just how much of the heavy-lifting we’ll be doing for you and your company.

Step one. Our initial meeting. Here, we would work together to create a roadmap for the hiring process, and discuss the nuances of what would make someone a successful employee for each open position in your company in order to create an X-FACTOR profile specific to the role you’re looking to fill.   

Step two. Based on our meeting, we’ll type up the profile we discussed and put it online. 

Step three. Once the profile is set up, we’ll advertise the position for you. We do so not only by posting to various job boards, but also through use of social media, attracting the attention of potential candidates that other employers often miss out on. 

Step four. Here’s where all the science comes in! Interested candidates complete a 100-question assessment that will give us an idea of who they are, and what they can offer you, based on a series of qualities such as personality, integrity, and cognition.

Step five. We get the results of the assessments and narrow in on candidates who did exceptionally well, comparing their test results to the profile that you worked with us to create for the job opening. 

Step six. The top candidates are screened via phone-interviews. 

Step seven. Once we’ve further narrowed it down, we set up structured in-person interviews with candidates who have impressed us so far. 

Step eight. Anyone who makes it this far is likely to be a premium choice for employment. At this point, anyone who passes our full screening process will then be put in touch with you for an interview with your company. We will provide you with the X-FACTOR test results we’ve collected in order to help you address any specific concerns we may have highlighted. 

Step nine. Then it’s up to you who gets hired, with no muss or fuss of having to waste your time. What’s stopping you from hiring quality talent now?

And ta-da! You’ve got a quality new employee, with little effort on your part. 

For more insight into some of our best practices, download our free whitepaper on “Perfecting The Perfect Hire”  below or contact us today! 

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