How to Start a Staffing Agency

How to Start a Staffing Agency

So you’ve been in the business world for a while and decided that entrepreneurship is for you. After research and discovery, you found that a staffing agency provides one of the best models for success and it is something that you want to pursue.


Here is your guide on how to start a staffing agency: 

Build a Valuable Network

Before you learn how to start a staffing agency, it is recommended to start with the basics of building any business. A cornerstone of any venture is networking. As you begin developing a valuable network among the peers you will be working alongside, you will find success in the connections that you make. In developing a valuable network, you will be able to form relationships with others which can ultimately lead to new opportunities to help your business grow. Doing so will ease the transition process of the ‘leap’ by landing initial clients that can be converted into evangelists.

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The best way to develop a network in 2019 is hands down, LinkedIn. According to, LinkedIn has over 575+ million users in 2018, making it the perfect platform for you to connect with others in your space. Alongside LinkedIn, local networking events and opportunities should become a regular for your schedule in order to expand your local network.

The key to networking across the board is providing value first. Before you ask for their business always provide V.W.S.A. -> Value Without Strings Attached. This will put you in a great place with a developed network of prospective clients for your staffing agency.

Develop a Differentiator

One of the biggest problems for that a startup business can run in to is jumping into a large, competitive market thinking they can quickly get in on their own share of the pie.

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Without a clear reason that clients should work with you versus their current staffing agency or other competitors working to get their business, you will  quickly turn into the low price provider – one of the quickest ways to fail as a startup.

Thus, developing a distinct differentiator in the market is key to starting your own staffing agency and standing out in the industry.

The best way to do this is by capturing a clear image of where the industry as a whole is and why clients make the decisions they do.

Doing so may require conversations with industry professionals and model, hypothetical questions with prospective clients. Getting real-time consumer feedback will be vital to developing a distinct differentiator.

Set Goals & Don’t Quit

Starting a staffing agency is tough, to say the least, and it won’t be easy. The key to overcoming obstacles will be setting goals and being persistent through all of the struggles.

Setting goals seems simple, but is difficult to stick to, thus many rarely ever achieve goals they ‘set’. A great method of setting and achieving goals to start your staffing agency is reverse engineering your goals into actionable items.

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Say you want to land 5 clients. Based on your conversion rate this might mean you need to send 20 proposals if you have a 25% average conversion rate on proposals. From there you take the number of qualifications needed to get into the proposal stage. Finally, you take one step further and pinpoint the exact number of prospects you need to contact each month in order to sign just 5 clients.

So, if signing 5 clients requires you to speak with 200 prospects, you now have a number you have to reach. Now you take that number and break it down into weekly and daily goals and schedules.

This can get tedious but the value in doing so can’t be overstated. By reverse engineering your goals into specific micro goals and calendar requirements you are putting yourself in the best position to succeed in starting your own staffing agency.

Furthermore, refusing to quit is the only way you can make it as a business owner. It will be tough, things will go wrong, and obstacles will seem insurmountable. But, by setting goals and being persistent you maximize your odds for success.

Gain Experience

When it comes to starting your own staffing agency, gaining experience is one of the most important steps. Having experience within the staffing agency space not just as a temporary employee, but also as an administrator can provide vital value for your staffing agency down the road. 

So, What Now?

Well now, you’re ready to launch a staffing agency of your own. But, before you do that, we’d regret it if we didn’t share why you might prefer a staffing franchise model. You see, it’s hard enough as is to run a business. In a fiercely competitive staffing agency market, it can be even harder. Because of this, we founded Nextaff Franchise to do just that.

Sharing our expertise in the space, we can provide you with the knowledge and skills to win! You can learn exactly how here