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Interested in Entrepreneurship? Here’s Why You Should Consider Our Staffing Franchise

Whether you are an aspiring entrepreneur, or simply someone with a casual interest in running your own business, you may feel like the road to actually achieving this goal is a daunting one. The intent of this article is to provide relevant information and advice at the start of your business journey, and to introduce the idea of investing in a staffing franchise with NEXTAFF as an alternative to starting a business from scratch and as a way of achieving your entrepreneurship goals.

If you have always dreamed of running your own business and being your own boss, rest assured that you are not alone. A 2019 survey by UPS found that 65 % of Americans dream of opening a small business. A further interesting fact is that this 65% was not just young people at the start of their career, it was equally a dream for people close to retirement, 54% of whom said that they would rather start a small business than retire.

This phenomenon is even more prevalent following the effects of the pandemic, which has seen an unprecedented number of people quitting their jobs. The main driving force of this is the way staff was treated by their employers throughout all the uncertainty and the closures, and it appears that the last 18 months may just have been the straw that broke the camel’s back for a lot of disgruntled employees.

Now more than ever, starting a business is on people’s minds, so what is holding them back? According to the same survey by UPS, two of the primary obstacles are personal financial security and fear of failure. And these fears are well-founded. For those who have no experience of running a company or doing anything but working for someone else, or those who do not have millions saved for a rainy day, starting a project from scratch is indeed an intimidating prospect. Understandably, most have no idea where to begin, but fortunately, there is a type of business that can give budding entrepreneurs the leg up they need, and that is franchising.

Figures from the International Franchise Association (IFA) show there are currently in excess of 733,000 franchise establishments in the USA, employing nearly 8 million Americans. As an example, California alone has more than 75,000 franchise establishments providing close to 730,000 jobs. The IFA found that “Franchise ownership and the jobs they create offer career progression and economic stability. Franchises are the country’s largest job training program, fostering highly-skilled careers in a variety of industries.”

Below are just some of the reasons why you should consider franchising if you are serious about wanting to start your own business.

A variety of opportunities

To begin, the possibilities for investing in a franchise are almost limitless. The types of franchise businesses available range from multinational fast food establishments such as McDonalds, Pizza Hut and Subway, to restaurants, hotels, fitness studios, cleaning companies and kids’ art studios. The variety of options is mind-boggling, but before launching into anything, the process should always start with research. Investigate a wide range of opportunities, including both areas that interest you and also slightly left-field ideas which may have never previously crossed your mind. Ask around and take advice, find out what worked for others. Consider your goals for your business and what you hope to achieve. Something which you had never even heard of may well end up being the best fit for you.

An established reputation

For those taking their first steps in the business world with a start-up company, a huge factor in the setup process is how to build a following and establish a positive reputation. If you are not a marketing or social media specialist, you will need to employ a team of people to get your name, logo, and product out there for the world to see. You need to show your new customers that your product is better than your competitors, and try to build a loyal fanbase as quickly as possible. As a Franchise Owner, you do not have to deal with this headache, you are buying into an already established brand, with a loyal customer base, a recognizable logo, and a reputation for great service. It is impossible to match years of experience, and there’s nothing like a well-known brand for getting customers through the door.

NEXTAFF owners making a lot of money with a staffing agency franchise.

Built-in resources

When starting a business, you will need to consider everything from property location and signing a lease, to business licenses, buying resources and materials, choosing which software to use, marketing, advertising, and training staff. With a franchise, much of this is provided for you by the business, after all, it is in their best interests that your franchise succeeds. All franchises are different, but many will provide help with real estate and marketing, initial training, continued support, and help with financials.

Why start from scratch when you can be given a huge helping hand? You won’t win any prizes for starting a business rather than investing in a franchise, so take the advice, learn from the experts, and open the best business you can.

A network of peers

Establishing a new business can often be a lonely process, especially if you are in it without a business partner. You may not feel able to connect with others in your field due to a conflict of interests or competition, and although the highs will be wonderful, some advice following the inevitable lows would be very gratefully received. This is not the case with franchising. You will have a ready-made network of peers who are on exactly the same page as you, as well as those who have been through it already and will have a wealth of knowledge and experience to share. Many franchises even have annual conventions or regular meet-ups where Franchise Owners can meet to share experiences and connect with others in the same situation.

Ongoing innovation provided

Depending on your business, there will likely be the need to constantly keep ahead of the game and come up with new ideas. You or your team will need to be active on social media, keep a close eye on the competition, and find ways of keeping your customers interested. As a Franchise Owner, the established brand will generally do a lot of this leg work for you. Of course, this will depend on the size of the business, but certainly larger brands will have a team responsible for developing new products and staying current on social media. You will by no means be a passive observer, and you will still be required to stay current, but there will likely be continued support from the brand to ensure you are keeping up-to-date.

NEXTAFF is a staffing franchise based on one simple premise: companies are always looking to hire quality people, and people are always looking for jobs. NEXTAFF provides a service that is vital to the business landscape in any economy. We connect job seekers to employers, so if you are considering investing in a franchise, the staffing industry offers huge opportunities. With increasing numbers of workers entering the labor force, and companies always looking to hire, a staffing franchise is an excellent, recession-proof industry to invest in.

For more information on franchising and the benefits of owning a staffing franchise, please visit our franchise website.

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