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Is a Recruiting Franchise a Good Investment Opportunity?

Reasons to Consider Owning a Recruitment Franchise


Strong Industry

Over the past decade, the staffing industry has grown by $70 billion! That represents incredible growth not commonly seen within business sectors.

High Potential Profitability

An investment into a Nextaff recruiting franchise starts as low as $118,900 and our Average Gross Revenues currently stand at $463,642.

Personally Rewarding

It feels good knowing your company is the reason hundreds of people are able to find work that opens doors to a brighter future. Lining individuals up with employment they are excited about is meaningful, fulfilling work.

Why Choose NEXTAFF?


Unparalleled Support

Our intensive training program includes onboarding work, online training, classroom instruction and onsite mentoring. You’ll learn about operations, services, cost, cash control, customer service, marketing and sales, and employee management. For your first three months in business, we’ll also provide weekly sales and recruiting debriefs and monthly training sessions. Not only that, but you’ll benefit from extensive field support and our annual conventions. Corporate also includes 12 weeks of appointment scheduling for each location as our way of ensuring you’re off to a strong start.

Innovative Recruitment Method

You’ll be introduced to our proprietary recruiting program, called X-FACTOR, which will enable you to see more impressive results and outperform competitors by as much as 100%! This will put you at a significant advantage from day one.

Expansive Reach

Our NEXTAFF franchise offers widespread territories that allow you to multiply your number of business contacts. Building a broad network of employment opportunities creates a solid base upon which to grow your staffing franchise.

Start Your Staffing Agency Franchise Today

While the Franchise Owner is tasked with acquiring new contacts, fulfilling client needs, identifying and attaining strategic objectives, and handling employee scheduling and billing of business contacts, the Nextaff support team is hard at work as well. We provide staffing software, verified target market lists and multi-touch content. We’ll give you access to an automated job board and electronic hiring documents. We ensure employee application compliance, assist with labor law compliance, provide benchmarking and compensation metrics, and handle all payroll and tax processing obligations.

Worth a Second Look

What a perfect time to consider investing in a recruitment franchise! Not only is this a recession resilient industry to be in, we often do even better during economic downturns. Since 1998, we’ve been offering staffing services and we know how to set you up for success. If you’d like to start a career that has a strong track record and promising ROI, Nextaff could be an ideal opportunity.

Our data-driven recruitment and impressive support system have won us multiple awards through Franchise Business Review, Inc. 500, Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year and Staffing Industry Analysts.

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