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Staffing Franchise for Sale

If you’re looking for a strong industry in which to invest, you’ll be hard-pressed to find one better than the recruiting franchise industry. From 2018-2019, this industry saw a 17.5% growth rate, bringing it to an impressive $188 billion value! The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that this business sector is outpacing overall economic growth. Research shows that over 90% of businesses make use of staffing agencies to find the help they need.

With recruiting businesses responsible for finding employment for more than 17 million here in the U.S., it’s easy to see why entrepreneurs are interested in finding a staffing franchise for sale that will allow them to enjoy the incredible rewards of working in this industry.

What Makes Our Staffing Agency Franchise Stand Out?

If there was ever a sector that could be called resilient, this is one that certainly qualifies. That’s because it does so well regardless of the economic climate and is constantly in high demand, performing an essential service within our communities. But that doesn’t even begin to cover all the reasons to consider investing in a staffing franchise.

Strong ROI

The system-wide average gross revenue with Nextaff is $1,957,832, while average gross profits are at $464,642. Getting started requires a relatively low investment, ranging between $118,900-$156,000. With a 7-month median breakeven point for Franchise Owners, it makes sense that entrepreneurs are quick to jump on board.

Fulfilling Work

Knowing you are the reason people have found work they are happy with makes every day meaningful. Often, those temporary arrangements become permanent, which has a pivotal influence on the employee. If you like making a difference, this career is one worth considering.

The X Factor Edge

X-Factor is the proprietary method of recruiting we use to keep us a step ahead of the competition. By matching profiles of successful employees from our affiliate companies, we’re able to pair our clients with an ideal fit. This method has allowed us to outperform other staffing agencies by as much as 100%!

Broad Reach

Our expansive territories allow Franchise Owners to extend their reach, drawing in multiple business contacts in neighboring communities. Setting up such a network allows the owner to build a strong infrastructure.

Am I TheRight Fit?

Even without a background in this industry, the right candidate can do extremely well. Experience in B2B sales is required, however, and if you’re interested in owning one of our specialized healthcare or IT divisions, it is necessary to have a history within those particular industries.

Help All Along The Way

To qualify the right candidate, we have an intensive training program in place to ensure you’re off to a strong start.

126.5 hours of classroom, online and onsite training

Learn about operations, services, costs, cash control, customer service, marketing and management

Weekly onboarding calls for the first 3 months, with sales and recruiting debriefs to continue indefinitely

Annual conventions

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