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Opening a new business is exciting, but one of the disadvantages is the lack of support. You’re starting a new venture blindly. Who knows what obstacles you will encounter or what questions may come up as you’re getting started or even once your firm has been established? When you operate your business through a staffing franchising, you’ll have the support of a company that knows what works and what doesn’t. They can answer any question that arises and provide you with backup and advice. 

Your support system will include: 

Marketing and sales advice 

Want to get your staffing business up and running fast? As a member of a franchise, you’ll have access to professionally developed and created marketing materials. You’ll have the tools to make a great first impression as well as sales leads and training at your disposal, so that you won’t begin your business cold. 

Back-office support 

When you sign on with a staffing franchise, you won’t have to worry about piecing together the technology and systems you need to operate your business. The franchisor will take care of all back-office administration, including payroll taxes, workman’s compensation, unemployment claims and payroll financing.  

Specialized expertise 

If you choose a staffing franchise, you’ll have the benefit of their unique experience. They will know the ins and outs of the staffing business and can tell you what to expect and how to address any problems that may arise. 

Consolidated technology 

Typically, your franchise company can provide comprehensive softwareincluding a website, CRM and ATS and a job board where you can post jobs for job applicants. This ensures that all the systems will work seamlessly together, saving you time and money 

Power of scale 

A franchise organization can negotiate better rates than an individual business owner would be able to for insurance, benefits and the supplies you need to keep your staffing business running. They can also provide proven training, testing and repeatable processes. You’ll be part of a widespread network and have access to their relationships and any organizations they are members of 

Want to Learn More About Starting a Staffing Business of Your Own with NEXTAFF?  

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