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How Much Does it Cost to Open a Staffing Franchise?

As one of America’s fastest-growing industries, Staffing and Recruiting has seen an incredible $70 billion increase in value in the past decade. Now standing at an impressive $151 billion, this lucrative industry represents a tremendous opportunity. The industry remains strong due to the simple fact that, no matter the state of the economy, professionals are always searching for jobs and companies are always in need of talent.

NEXTAFF is a staffing franchise that has ridden this wave of explosive growth for more than two decades. With 20+ locations servicing 16 states across the country, NEXTAFF has helped millions of individuals find their dream job and thousands of companies hire talented employees. As a staffing agency franchise, NEXTAFF is a unique career opportunity that offers both profitable and emotional rewards. As a NEXTAFF Franchise Owner, you’ll reap the benefits of a $1,953,751* Average Gross Revenue (AGR) and the satisfaction of knowing you’re helping community members find work. So how much does an opportunity like this cost?

An Impressively Low Investment Range

NEXTAFF is one of the lowest costing technology franchises in the industry, with start-up costs ranging from $123,000 to $152,000. This investment range covers the $40,000 Franchise Fee and the low-high ranges of the following costs:

Office space lease, deposit and leasehold improvements.

Furniture, office equipment, computers and software.



Business licenses, insurance and launch fees.

Given our impressive AGR and this incredibly low investment range, the median break-even point for our current Franchise Owners has been seven months. With an average profit of $394,662*, it’s safe to say that our Franchise Owners are financially content. Combine this profitability with our emotionally rewarding franchise model, and you’ve got yourself an incredible career opportunity!

Start Your Staffing Agency Franchise Today

As NEXTAFF continues to grow, we are looking for talented entrepreneurs with B2B sales experience to join our technology franchise. While no staffing or recruiting experience is necessary, general business acumen, executive experience and P&L knowledge are pluses. We look for hard-working individuals that are passionate about growth. With the NEXTAFF support team by your side, you’ll be able to launch your career to the next level.

How We Support Your Success

-126+ hours of initial training to prepare you for staffing franchise success.

-Operations, logistics and general management.

-Sales and marketing.

-Finance assistance, including payroll and tax processing.

-For your first three months in business, we provide weekly onboarding calls and additional monthly training sessions.

-Annual conventions and other networking events for Franchise Owners.

So, what’s your role? We handle the difficult, time-consuming things so you can focus on what is important: connecting clients with valuable talent. With such an incredible business model and a strong foundation of support, you can expect a great work-life balance as a NEXTAFF Franchise Owner.

NEXTAFF Technology Franchise owners.

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