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If your recruiting process overlooks social media when looking for high-quality talent, you’re taking a huge risk. A 2018 study reveals that a whopping 70% of employers currently use social media as a tool when hiring.

But this tool is not just for checking on questionable profiles and posts on a candidate’s timeline. Social media can transform your hiring process and help you find and evaluate quality talent for your company. And here’s how.

Assess A Candidate’s Personality

When hiring, it’s important to segment potential candidates based on their expertise and personality, especially when hiring creative roles. Any seasoned HR will tell you that having contrasting characters and opinions is necessary when developing creative teams. And social media can help you target, attract, and find different candidates who specialize in different areas when hiring.

Protects Your Brand

It’s undeniable that the popularity of social media for both personal and professional use continues to grow exponentially. This comes with a lot of content that often stays forever.

As an employer, you can use the platforms to check potential candidates’ previous posts and quality of content. This can help you find out whether or not they have posted anything that could harm your brand.

Targeted Recruiting

Finding an experienced candidate for an upper-level position can be nerve-racking if you depend on traditional methods of recruitment. Since most of them are passive candidates, they may not apply or even see your openings.

But thanks to social media platforms such as LinkedIn, you can now pull in resumes that match the profile you’re looking for. This allows you to narrow down your search to specific candidates without waiting for candidates to apply.

Promote Work Experiences In Your Company

People want to work in a place that others love. Social media, therefore, offers a great platform for your employees to share firsthand their experiences working for the company to attract and retain high-quality talent. So don’t just use the platforms to post about open positions.

How To Incorporate Social Media When Hiring

Leveraging social media when hiring needs a scientific approach. You want a recruitment process that is unpredictable, user-friendly and taps into social media. And NEXTAFF’S X-FACTOR is what you need to drive quality talent to your company.

Our recruitment strategy:

  • Creates the ideal X-FACTOR profiles based on your needs.
  • Taps into social media and other job board platforms.
  • Automates early stages of recruitment without compromising quality hires.
  • Picks the right candidate based on data, vetting, and testing.

Want to learn more? Contact us today or download our free whitepaper, ‘Perfecting The Perfect Hire.’

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