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In today’s economy, businesses are finding themselves in a unique situation. The US labor force is expected to keep growing, in addition to the growing economy of the United States, it’s becoming imperative for business owners, HR managers and the like to find and retain quality talent – especially ensuring cost effective results of these hires. It’s very common to search through numerous applications, job boards, word of mouth, and walk-in applicants. Unfortunately, these methods are very unpredictable as resume references, job experience, and skills can be over-exaggerated or even fabricated. Aside from these issues, it’s almost impossible to gauge a person’s personality and work habits in a short meeting, which could lead to even greater problems among staff and work environment.

What does this mean for your business? Simply put, the “classic” way of rifling through resumes, posting help want ads, and spending hours looking for and interviewing worthy candidates are cutting into your bottom line. If there were a way to cut out time spent searching for high quality talent, retaining them, and achieving this goal every time – businesses would save working time, turnover costs, and even hiring costs. With X-FACTOR, find the highest quality talent with a proven, scientific system of vetting applicants and sending the best to you. Saving time, money, and frustration in staffing your organization.

Classic Hiring Techniques

  • Costly help wanted ads, online and in physical media.
  • Numerous applicants to choose from and limited information.
  • Time spent with applicants that will not be selected.
  • Not reaching the most qualified applicants.
  • Impulse hires, high turnover.
  • Hiring unqualified applicants.

Attaining the Perfect Quality Hire with X-FACTOR

  • You meet with the X-FACTOR team to determine your needs and review previous successes and failures.
  • We develop your X-FACTOR profile and website to cater to your specific needs.
  • X-FACTOR taps into many job boards, social media profiles, and more to find your candidate.
  • We test and screen applicants on various criteria relating to your preferred profiles.
  • After a phone screen and interview with top candidates we pass the X-FACTOR report to you so you may target specific areas of your clients interview.
  • Choose your hire based on scientific data, compatibility testing, and thorough vetting.

Finding and retaining the highest quality talent has never been easier or more economical. Save staff time, interview time, and repeated hiring and turnover costs while also skipping unwanted surprises. Download our free whitepaper on ‘Perfecting The Perfect Hire


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