Staffing Franchise Opportunities with NEXTAFF Staffing

Own your share of the $160 billion dollar staffing market with a staffing franchise through Nextaff.

NEXTAFF Staffing Franchise

NEXTAFF was founded in 1998 as a traditional temporary staffing firm. In addition to great service, we pride ourselves on quality employees and the flexibility to meet our client’s needs. Nextaff staffing franchise was developed to pair entrepreneurs with an opportunity to join the booming staffing industry.

Nextaff's Staffing Franchise

Nextaff is a workforce strategy provider offering a compelling staffing franchise business model, an impressive track record and strong support channels. After joining the Nextaff staffing franchise network, you’ll be able to set yourself apart from the competition using our proprietary recruiting method called X-FACTOR.  Next, You’ll gain access to our expertise, technology, back office support, marketing and business development resources.  Thus, You’ll enjoy all the benefits of being part of a large, national organization while retaining the flexibility to control and start your own staffing business and your own future.

At Nextaff, we’re building the future of the staffing industry. Through our X-FACTOR, you’ll be able to stand out from the crowd and provide custom strategies to your clients.  If you have ever thought about starting your own staffing business, this might be the right opportunity for you. 

Why Start a Staffing Franchise?

Market Opportunity

The market opportunity for staffing is over $160 billion dollars - businesses need employment that you can supply them with.

A Better Model

A staffing franchise with Nextaff can offer a better model for growth than other staffing franchise programs or launching a staffing agency of your own.

Cutting Edge Solutions

Offer clients proprietary solutions that competitors can't. This will differentiate you from other any other staffing franchise.

Be an Owner of a Cutting Edge Solution

The typical staffing office model has become ineffective and outdated.



It’s no secret that staffing is a great industry, but what does the data say?. The Bureau of Labor Statistics forecasts staffing will continue to be one of the top 10 job-growth industries in the U.S. through 2018. Employers need your services. Job seekers count on you to find work. However, very few can fulfill this. Fortunately, you’ll play a major role in making organizations more efficient, productive and profitable. This makes for an incredible opportunity for franchise owners. 

You can be an owner of a cutting edge solution within the 160B staffing industry that will address the 21st century needs of employers. The good news is that employers need more from you. They need talent acquisition expertise. They need strategic guidance. And they need a proprietary recruiting solution based on research not on “gut”.


A Model for Success


Nextaff’s franchise model was developed through experience, trail & error, and quantitative analysis. This was able to model a one-of-a-kind staffing franchise model that provides an incredible opportunity to potential staffing franchise owners. 

Nextaff has developed a staffing franchise opportunity specifically for professionals, B2B salespeople, executives, and already established staffing firms. Through our staffing franchise program, we enable you to offer proprietary services, opening doors to new business opportunities. Break away from the drudgery and stress of managing your back office and concentrate on why the staffing franchise model is so exciting.

Built from the
ground up

Our franchise model was developed from experience, trial & error and quantitative analysis.


Nextaff staffing franchises provides excellent back office support for franchisees like myself eliminating the need for us to be an expert in areas that do not add to our bottom line. I can sincerely say that I am thrilled with my business, which is ideal for those of us who are tired of working for someone else, this business model really allows you to take control of your future.
John S.
Denver & Phoenix
Owning a Nextaff staffing franchise office has been an amazing adventure for us. Being a business owner has been a dream come true for us because it has given us the opportunity to be both full-time moms who are actively involved in our children’s schools and extra-curricular activities and business owners.
John K and Rachel R

The Step by Step Process

Simple Steps

Our 7 step process makes it simple to take the first steps in becoming a Nextaff staffing franchise owner!