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Hiring people is a delicate job. You want to find the right person for the job but this is easier said than done. Some people present themselves in one way on their resume and in the job interview but then turn out to be different when they’re actually on the job. In general, people present themselves as more professional, more hard-working and more eager to do whatever might be expected of them during an interview. Here are the 3 common hiring challenges and the one thing that can help prevent them. What should you do when…

  1. They’re Not Hardworking: You looked at this person’s resume and it seemed as though they had ten years of work experience. Plus, they came across as conscientious and hard-working in the interview. Unfortunately, once they start working for you, it seems like they take two hours to do a task that should take only one. Requiring candidates to take a personality assessment is an excellent way to gauge their urgency levels (how fast paced will they be?), what kind of work environment helps them thrive (work hard/play hard, work/life balance, working in teams, working solo). These traits will help you see the type of employee they’ll be before they even start.
  2. They’re Not Professional: Their resume seemed to be well-written and easy to read, with bullet points and descriptions of the work they had done in the past. Their appearance also seemed to be professional. The way they were dressed, the way they spoke, the way they seemed to have come well-prepared for the interview, all fooled you into believing that that they were polished and professional. Yet when they start working for you, they’re coming in late and dressed in clothes that are not appropriate for the workplace. You find yourself losing business instead of gaining it. A personality test can help you understand how important timeliness is to them, or be able to spot if timeliness is not important to them. It can also help you see their moral compass with how they view what is right and wrong.
  3. They’re Confrontational: Everyone has had an experience with an employees like this, who wants to challenge authority. If there is a serious problem in the organization, perhaps challenging authority in that instance is a great asset. However, if a person challenges you on every little thing, then it will become difficult for you to lead your team. This person might present well at an interview because you’re not yet in an authority position over them. Then when they are in their role, they become impossible to lead. This is yet another problem that’s easily solved by giving them a personality test which will measure their ability to work in teams, to work alone, and to collaborate.

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