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You landed the interview. You are proud and a bit nervous. Even with the appropriate technical skills to perform the core functions of the role, there are a few other things that employers are looking for when selecting the perfect person for the job.

Culture Fit

Questions that assess culture fit are a way of determining how likely you are to be happy in your new role. Employers often ask the candidate to “describe their ideal work environment.” You might hear some of these:

  • Do you prefer private work spaces or open floor plans?
  • Do you work more effectively solo or with teammates?
  • Describe traits of your ideal leader.

Soft Skills

When you have a chance to talk about yourself or projects be sure to demonstrate these traits.

  • Adaptability/Flexibility – show comfort with rapid change
  • Teamwork – involve people when needed
  • Problem Solving and Resourcefulness – do you know how and when to get help?
  • Effective Communication – clear communication to the right people

Some of these are deal breakers. A sign of poor communication skills or evidence that you are not a team player can cost you the job. Be prepared to talk about a time things didn’t go as planned. This isn’t to uncover shortcomings in your technical skill set, but to highlight your strongest soft skills. Situations like this are expected and failures will happen – the ability to handle it with grace will put you ahead of the pack.


Your overall demeanor is important. If you are positive and excited, it sends a message that you love what you do. Have an extra cup of coffee on your way to the interview and remind yourself to smile. You have a chance to change the energy in the room in a positive way!

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