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Hiring the right employees is critical to the success of any business. Your employees are your foundation. When they excel, they will keep the customers/accounts delighted and coming back for more. But if they don’t do an outstanding job, those customers may wind up looking for something that better suits them. They may even tell their friends and this could lead to negativity for your entire business. So, how do you know if you’re hiring a superior employee? Here are 3 qualities to look for.


Obviously, you want someone who knows how to do their job, but even more than that a person with a wealth of knowledge is a great asset. Why is this important? Most likely your employees will be dealing with customers in some capacity. If your employees have knowledge about the industry and industry-related topics, they will be able to assist the customers with more issues. Many times customers have additional questions about products or how things work, having a broad understanding of the industry will be a win.


Some employees may be great at their job but they possess no flexibility. If you ask them to fill in the gap somewhere else or do an additional task out of their comfort zone, they freeze up. It’s best to hire employees who can easily switch to new tasks when needed. Working with someone with tunnel vision and stuck in a rut is a difficult challenge for any employer.


It’s a big plus when an employer finds an employee who is a self-starter. In other words, the individual doesn’t need to be told every single step to take but is able to take the initiative on his or her own. This saves the employer a lot of extra work. Self-starters are usually adept at motivating or helping others as well. The business will get a lot more done when you have employees who get right to their tasks.

 At Nextaff, we look for all of these qualities and more with our proprietary X-Factor recruiting model. With results proven to be 5x more effective than that of traditional methods, what have you got to lose?

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