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Finding and employing talented team members can take your company forward in many ways, but your next step as a supervisor takes a slightly different direction. Now that you have a team of talented employees, your role becomes that of support, thereby ensuring their dedication and retention.

So what actions on your part will allow you to achieve this goal? The possibilities are innumerable, but establishing the following aspects as stable parts of your employees’ experience are invaluable steps toward your objective.

1. Mentoring

A recent study found that 71% of Fortune 500 companies such as General Electric, Intel, and Google engage in corporate mentorship programs. Following in their steps by creating your own mentorship programs has several positive effects. 

  • New employees have an immediate sounding board, place to share ideas, and long-term trainer. 
  • Long-term employees have the chance to share what they know.
  • New employees are given a close look at a new perspective.

Mentoring makes the new employees feel welcome and gives them the chance to learn about the company and their place in it while simultaneously showing respect and appreciation for the mentor and allowing them to experience a fresh perspective and make their own advancements. 

2. Feedback

Employee engagement is intricately related to the feedback they receive. 43% of highly engaged employees receive feedback — positive and negative — at least once a week. Conversely, with little to no manager feedback, 98% of employees actively disengage from their jobs. 

Managers or supervisor can give feedback spontaneously or in formal reviews. Most employees prefer on-the-spot feedback as it provides the opportunity for immediate improvement, but formal reviews are also useful because they are more comprehensive.

3. Opportunities

76% of employees look for growth opportunities, making this one of the top three non-financial professional motivators. Career advance starts long before promotion and grows out of consistent engagement in projects that capitalize on and expand employees’ talent.

Providing these opportunities keeps your employees engaged as they know that they are simultaneously benefitting the company but also taking steps toward their own personal and professional goals. 


Establishing capable mentors, providing consistent feedback, and creating growth opportunities provides the support that talented employees deserve. While these efforts take time and energy, the investment pays off with dedicated employees, resulting in company growth.

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