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 Business-minded entrepreneurs have many different franchise opportunities to choose from, yet which industry and company is the right fit? Making the money desired is a key consideration, yet finding a suitable type of business for your characteristics and talents is even more important for long-term sustainability. For entrepreneurs with a passion for people and business, here are 3 reasons to start a staffing franchise business:


      1. Suitable Type of Business for Franchisee

      2. Growing Franchise Industry

      3. Growing Staffing Industry


Suitable Type of Business for Franchisee

What type of franchise business is suitable for you? There’s a franchise for just about every type of business out there, so why choose a staffing franchise? This type of business is suitable for someone with a passion for working with people, helping them either find top talent or a top career opportunity.

Managing a staffing franchise day-to-day (as a business owner) is different than a fast food restaurant or cleaning service. This is an office environment, ran by business-minded employees with industry expertise and human resource skills. Days will be spent talking and meeting with employers and candidates, trying to match top talent with top career opportunities, as well as filling temporary workforce needs for both parties.

Does matching up a top talent candidate with a growing company sound rewarding to you? Would consulting with a top regional employer about workforce needs be an exciting conversation? Does helping companies with: hiring, employing, supporting, and retaining top talent – sound interesting to you? Basically, the day-to-day workflow needs to be suitable for a franchisee’s talents, desires, and abilities.


Growing Franchise Industry

The future looks bright for the franchise industry according to many leading sources, including CNBC.com in an article called: “The Franchise Industry has Gotten More Good News”, written on March 15th, 2016 by Kate Rogers. The article explains:

“Despite worries of an economic downturn, one sector is poised for another year of solid growth in 2016… Bolstered by trends including acceleration in business spending, the franchise industry is set to grow by 1.7 percent in 2016, according to the study by the International Franchise Association.”

This is the same amount of growth the industry experienced last year in 2015, so this is a consistent trend; long-term growth trends are good investments. This doesn’t mean every franchise opportunity will find a rewarding market or grow to a desired amount, yet with sound judgment and discernment a growing and rewarding franchise business will result. The article goes on:

“The 1.7 percent growth forecast for this year will bring the total number of U.S. franchises to 795,932…Plus, total GDP generated by the franchise industry will reach $554 billion, up from $523 billion in 2015, it said. The index has shown growth every year since 2010.”


Growing Staffing Industry

Wouldn’t it be great to invest into a franchise that suits you (staffing) in a market where the franchise and staffing industries are both growing rapidly? Wouldn’t this be a rewarding combination for business growth or an investment strategy? So, is the staffing industry growing too?

At the American Staffing Association‘s website, we find: “The 2015 ASA Staffing Industry Economic Analysis: Steady Growth Continues: Staffing and Recruiting Industry Outpaces the Economy and the Labor Market”, which gives us some insights into staffing industry growth:

“Over the course of 2014, U.S. staffing firms hired a total of 14.6 million temporary and contract employees, up 32.7% from 11.0 million in 2013 – bringing annual staffing employment back to prerecession levels…”

The ASA goes on to explain future growth projections in the staffing industry:

“At the same time, the staffing and recruiting industry grew two and a half times faster than the economy in 2014 (5.9% versus 2.4%, respectively). The industry is on track to grow three times faster than the economy in 2015.”



These 3 reasons to start a staffing franchise business show compelling evidence and reasons for entrepreneurs to consider – when deciding on which franchise to choose. Staffing franchise opportunities are within growing and in-demand industries, making them an appealing opportunity for a suitable franchisee.

Finding the right staffing franchise to invest in is the next step for the franchisee. Nextaff is a premium staffing franchise opportunity to consider; providing companies and candidates a comprehensive service for: recruiting, hiring, retaining, employing, and supporting top talent.

Franchisees, with a passion for business and people, should consider the great franchise opportunity that Nextaff offers. To learn more about this opportunity, please contact us today.