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When starting a franchise business, entrepreneurs want to invest in a sustainable, long-term opportunity. While forecasting the future isn’t always easy, everyone can agree that advancing online technology will play a large part in modern societies. This means different things for each industry, yet for some it means a growing prominence in the economy. In this regard, let’s explore 3 reasons why a staffing franchise will become more prominent in modern societies.

    • Increase in HR Department Outsourcing

    • Transition to Online Job Search and Application Processes

    • Preferred Option vs. Job Boards by Candidates and Employers


#1. Increase in HR Department Outsourcing

Businesses and organizations of all sizes have been outsourcing all or part of their human resources departments more and more since the 1990s. A more complex labor market, increasing regulations, advancing technologies, global markets, and new generations of workers – are some of the reasons why HR outsourcing is increasing. Staffing agencies have evolved to meet the growing need, now offering more comprehensive services.

According to a recent AmericanStaffing.net article,

“…since the recovery began in July 2009, staffing employment has been growing three and a half times faster than the economy and seven times more rapidly than overall employment.”

This is validated when we look at the economic impact the staffing industry has on the U.S. economy; according to franchisehelp.com:

“The annual revenue in the staffing industry is $170 billion…US staffing companies employ an average 2.8 million contract workers a day” – which is in addition to the 16 million workers staffing agencies employ yearly, according to a Newswise.net article.

From these statistics, we can see how the staffing industry is growing and how prominent it already is in the modern business world. Outsourcing, in general, is becoming a trend as SaaS and PaaS companies are remotely offering affordable, secure, and efficient alternatives to in-house business processes. The future of business is trending toward: outsourcing, delegating, and partnering with vendors and services in a worldwide marketplace – including HR outsourcing to staffing agencies.

#2. Transition to Online Job Search and Application Processes

Already, in 2016, job searches and application processes are nearly 100% done online, which means technology is playing a major role in staffing. Staffing will never be an automated process though, which means staffing agencies will be increasingly needed in modern societies. Advances in online technologies will focus on these two processes, in order to make them more efficient, mobile, and comprehensive.

Staffing agencies, as well, are adopting innovative online technologies, in order to offer clients comprehensive services for recruitment, temp or project employment, payroll, consulting, and more. For example, staffing agencies are using online software for: automation, analytics, marketing, integration with worldwide markets, and attracting specialized talent. Advancing online technologies will only benefit staffing agencies, as they’ll have expertise in using specialized tools and strategies focused on key staffing processes – tools most businesses won’t have.

#3. Preferred Option vs. Job Boards by Candidates and Employers

The two “perceived” main competitors for staffing agencies are job boards and internal HR departments. Staffing agencies will offer distinct advantages over both of these; we’ve already discussed outsourcing HR departments.

In an article on Newswire.net called: “Staffing Industry Trends Looking Positive for 2016”, written on May 30, 2016 by Rebecca Klose — we gain some insights on why staffing agencies will be the preferred choice over these two competitors.

For Employees:

“Choosing to find employment through a staffing agency offers a greater opportunity of permanent placement, access to better job roles and scheduling flexibility. According to research, nine out of 10 staffing employees believe their staffing employment makes them more employable.”

For Employers:

“Busy business owners utilize the expertise and experience of professional staffing agencies to find quality staff quickly and efficiently, without having to go through a lengthy and time consuming recruitment process. Reliable staffing agencies…have extensive access to employment talent that they have pooled over time, attracting quality people looking for solid employment opportunities.”

Using a staffing agency will increasingly become preferable, as hiring processes become more complex and remote. Staffing agencies bring a human touch to the hiring complexities, guiding both parties through the process with expertise and clarity.

Using a staffing agency opens up possibilities and extends the candidates and employers’ ability to find the right placement, while the details are taken care of with expertise and innovative technological solutions. These are some of the reasons why staffing agencies are (and increasingly will be) the preferred option by both parties in the hiring process.


Staffing franchises have more potential for long-term sustainability than most other franchises, as hiring processes are moving completely online in the future. Businesses and organizations in modern societies need the specialized services staffing agencies provide, in order to keep pace with changing hiring processes in an increasingly global market.

The three reasons highlighted show how the staffing industry has been growing as modern online technologies have been adapted by businesses on a wider scale – especially, cloud and mobile computing technologies over the last 5 years. Changing hiring practices, advancing online technologies, and the need for an employment specialist to simplify the process – all indicate staffing franchises will become more prominent in modern societies. If interested in learning more please contact us today.