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When you’re using traditional methods of hiring talent, you might have to weed through a lot of resumes, since there are going to be some very unsuitable candidates. Even once you’ve got the number down to a manageable few, you might find that not everyone has been honest in their resume. And when you get around to interviewing these candidates, you find not everyone is presentable. Out of the presentable few, there’s maybe one or two who answer all questions to your satisfaction. Traditionally it has boiled down to your gut feeling and which candidate(s) appeals to you more.

Problems That Arise When Hiring Talent the Traditional Way

Many go through the above process to find their new hire. However, a few months down the line, you may find things going awry. Here are some of the risks:

  1. Your New Hire Is Not Very Positive: Sometimes, people have a very negative attitude towards jobs. They don’t respond well to people in authority. They simply don’t like being told what to do. People like this can present themselves well during the interview process, but they can’t keep it up for long. Eventually, someone like this can poison your organization by making other employees more negative too. However, if you use a scientific hiring process, you’ll have a better idea of the personality of the new hire and you can find a better fit more easily.
  2. Your New Hire Is Not Very Effective: Unfortunately, even people who interview really well may not do their job very effectively. Maybe they just haven’t grasped what needs to be done. Maybe they’re lazy. They might end up taking a long time to do things you find simple. This can also be avoided by giving candidates a cognitive or work sample test which will help you to figure out if they have what it takes to do the job. Additionally, a personality test will help you to figure out if they are hardworking.
  3. Your New Hire Ends Up Leaving for Another Job: You take the time to go through the hiring process and spend six months training someone only to find that they’re leaving as soon as they started doing well. This can be extremely frustrating for you as an employer. But it happens because some people just don’t have staying power. Or they might just be thinking of the job as a stop gap until they find something better. Either way, giving them a personality and integrity test can help you to make a better hiring decision.

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