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You prepared for the interview, dressed well, arrived on time, answered the interview questions, and left. Now what?  It can be tempting to wait by the phone and hope that someone calls. However, you do not have to wait. You can take steps that show your commitment.

 Say Thank You

 Within 24 hours of the interview, write thank you emails or handwritten letters to each person that you interviewed with.  At a minimum, your letters should include the phrase thank you, one thing that you learned from speaking with the individual, and a line or two that express your interest in the role.  If you cannot identify one specific thing that you learned, be sure to show appreciation for the time that person took to interview you. This one step will help you stand out.


 The interviewers will likely share a timeline for the next steps in the process.  Specifically, they will tell you when you should expect to hear from them and the method of communication.  Record this information on your calendar and be sure to follow-up at the end of that day (or the next day). This action shows interest in the role and commitment to the process.  

 Contact Your References

 Check-in with your references.  Notify each reference that you interviewed with a potential employer.  In your communication with your reference explain that you are excited about the role.  Also, make a short case for your employment. Cite points you would like your reference to include in their recommendation. Consider also sharing your resume with your reference at this point.  Your references need to be prepared.

These steps show the employer that you care about the role and will help you prepare for the future interviews.

Would you like more advice on how to follow-up with organizations?  Please contact us today.

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