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When searching for job candidates, don’t just search for active candidates – in other words, candidates who are actively looking for a job. Passive candidates are those  who currently have a job and though might not be actively seeking a new one, are open to change if the opportunity arises. Typically these individuals are more experienced, have a good work ethic, and will produce better results. Here are some tips for targeting passive job candidates.

Build Up Your Presence

The first step is making yourself known. You need to build yourself up on social media, including on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. In order to be appealing to someone, they have to know you exist, right? We are in an age where potential employees are reading reviews about your company and the culture it supports before ever even considering it an option. Creating this company culture and being able to show it to the world is considered your brand. When you have a respectable following, you are more likely to be able to attract passive candidates. Someone who has been acquainted with you for months or years is more likely to accept your job switch offer. It also leads to our next suggestion: referrals.

Get Your Employees to Recruit

There are two aspects to this. First, you can simply encourage your employees to find new candidates by offering them rewards for referrals. Alone, this is just an okay method. The bigger picture is that you should strive to make your employees so satisfied with their jobs that they will automatically rave about you. Resources like Glassdoor.com provide employees the ability to have their voices be heard by rating the company they work for, their bosses, their environment and these reviews are being read by your potential future recruits! These can be glowing reviews from satisfied employees, or warnings to avoid working for you by unhappy ones. Would you feel enticed to switch jobs to a company where their employees are so miserable they let the world know? I think not. 

Utilize NEXTAFF’s X-Factor

In today’s world, it is very difficult for certain industries to compete with the ever-changing trends and perks larger companies can offer. Perhaps your company cannot afford to offer benefits to your employees right away. Perhaps your name isn’t as well-known. That’s where we can step in for you. Here at Nextaff, we carry a prestigious name and are able to entice potential recruits on your behalf with benefits, weekly paychecks, and more! In addition, we are able to help you find a better fit for your role with our X-Factor recruiting method. We’ll make sure the candidates we send you are a match for your company culture, the work environment, the team they’ll be on, or that they are a self-starter when working alone. You will be able to rest assured that hours are taken off your plate as we pick up the bulk of responsibility for finding you your next ideal employee.

For more tips on attracting high-quality candidates, download our whitepaper on “Perfecting the Perfect Hire” below.

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