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When your resume captures the attention of a company, you’ll be both excited and nervous. Sometimes, the company will conduct a preliminary telephone interview prior to an in-person one. Your call will take place over a conference call tool, such as Skype, or over the phone.

To be requested in-person, you have to wow them on the first call. Here are three tips to shine:

1. Show You Care and Know the Basics

The interviewer wants to know if your skill set meets the basic requirements of the job description during the phone interview. Will you fit in well? Do you meet the company’s needs and expectations?

As you’d construct your resume to fit the job description, you need to also address your responses similarly over the phone. Closely look at the job description, and think of concise but detailed responses that demonstrate each point.

Don’t pass over transferable experience, while you play up to your strongest talents reflected in each keyword. Print a copy of the job description for the call, and show your enthusiasm!

2. Do Some Professional Sleuthing

The interviewer wants to know if you’ll fit into the company’s work culture. Get to know the company with a little professional sleuthing. You’ll find everything on the company’s website and social media profiles:

  • Read the mission statement. What does it tell you about their values, and how does that match up with yours? Do the goals of the company traverse the same lines as your career goals?
  • What are big milestones of the company and their employees? Read up on employee successes to know more about the playing field.
  • On Twitter and LinkedIn, look up names of employees you’ve come across, that you might end up working for or with. How would you fit in among these personalities?

3. Don’t Overshare

Don’t say impolite statements about your previous employer, and don’t go into too many personal details about your life. At this point, you should only respond with relevant answers to the questions asked during the call.

Remember, if this call is a success, there’s more to come. So, leave them wanting more!  

Let yourself shine by showing that you know a lot about the company and that you care. Play to your strengths and only share timely and relevant information.

After you hang up, send a considerate email to thank the interviewer, and refer to a specific part of your conversation that revealed your mutual interests or professional strengths.

Let them know you’ll follow up after a week,that way, they’ll keep you in mind like the shining star you are! For more tips on showcasing your best professional attributes, follow the Nextaff blog. Here are some suggested blogs based on this article’s content: 5 Smart Questions to Ask During an Interview and Answer Those Awkward Interview Questions Like a Pro.

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