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There are thousands of franchise opportunities for entrepreneurs to choose from, yet none quite offer the same unique business possibilities that a staffing franchise does. This may seem like a bold statement, yet for the right type of person it’s entirely true. In an effort to illustrate this, let’s examine 3 ways a staffing franchise could expand business possibilities.

    • Networking with Top-Level Executives
    • Making Contacts with Established and Up-and-Coming Professionals
    • Using Holistic Skill Set to Expand Services

Networking with Top Level Executives

There are two sides to the staffing business, one is to serve employers as an outsourced HR department, the other is serving employees looking for work opportunities. The details within these services differ depending on the staffing franchise opportunity. Essentially, this means owners must be skilled in networking with their clients, including the top-level executives they serve.

The nature of the day-to-day workflow for a staffing business, includes interacting and engaging clients through multiple communication channels and in-person. Staffing franchise owners need to excel with communication and organizational skills in order to create a friendly business relationship that effectively earns the trust and respect from the executives they are working with. The comfortable, conductive office environment and advanced technologies used to facilitate and enhance these efforts, can effectively aid in accomplishing these key goals.

Once employer clients are established with this trusting and respectful business relationship, staffing business owners have just gained an executive contact within their network. Each contact is a precious asset that could bring expanded possibilities, including: referrals, lead generation tips (industry specific), invitation to insider functions, and a further expansion of outsourced needs. The staffing franchise has just become a way to generate executive contacts, which are added to the owner’s network of business clients for expanded possibilities.

Making Contacts with Established and Up-and-Coming Professionals

On the other hand, staffing franchises are serving and working with established and up-and-coming professionals in different industries. This presents another opportunity for owners to grow their contact list and network of business relationships. These contacts are equally as valuable as the executive clients served, because there are more of them and many times they’ll become (or are) executives themselves — among other reasons.

Another key reason why these professionals are so valuable, is because the owner is in a position to help them out. Similarly, the staffing business is helping employers find quality employees (temp or direct), yet employees are, generally, in a more appreciative position – maybe they’re just starting out or they are unemployed, etc. This presents staffing franchise owners with the opportunity to gain strong, loyal, and long-term business relationships with established and up-and-coming professionals.

Using Holistic Skill Sets to Expand Services

Staffing franchises attract unique entrepreneurs with a wide variety of skills, including:

    • Technological Prowess
    • Strategic Business Development
    • Marketing and Advertising
    • Industry-Specific Expertise
    • Administrative/ Managerial Expertise
    • Investment and Financial Expertise

These are some of the many skills owners may bring to the table, in addition to the essential skills needed to start and operate a staffing franchise. Every skill entrepreneurs have can be used effectively in a staffing franchise, because the nature of the business involves a wide variety of industries, professions, technologies, and skills. This is why starting your own staffing franchise, uniquely, could offer such expanded possibilities for entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurs with excellent communication and networking skills could be hard pressed to find a better business opportunity than starting a staffing franchise. This is a unique opportunity that places opportunists in a position to expand and grow their contact lists with premium business relationships. The holistic skill set owners have can be effectively used in a staffing franchise business, to expand and capitalize on business opportunities, even beyond the multi-faceted services offered within the business.

In addition to these expanded business opportunities, staffing franchises also have: lower startup investment costs than most other franchises and consist of working in pleasant office environments. For the right type of entrepreneur, a staffing franchise is an excellent choice that brings expanded business networking opportunities. If you are interested in learning more about starting your own staffing franchise with Nextaff, please contact us today, and click on the link below to find out about the 8 Benefits of Owning a Staffing Franchise.