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A career is possibly one of the most important aspects of life, which makes it one of the trickiest as well. It is a constant push and pull between ambition and stability; striving for more, or staying put with the safe choice. A recent study found that “the average person changes jobs ten to fifteen times (with an average of 12 job changes) during his or her career” today.

As scary as the thought may be, a career move might be exactly what you need to really push yourself forward. But how do you really know when it is time to shift? Consider these questions when you are trying to decide:

1) Is there room for professional growth?

The first and most important question that will help you decide this is the opportunity for professional growth. If you are at a company where you see tangible growth, promotional opportunities and a general investment in your professional development – stay.

If not, and you see that there really is no upward mobility in your role or your career path, it might be time to switch.

2) Am I stuck in a rut?

There is a part of your brain that likely wants to stay put in your current position. After all, it is safe, dependable and a steady paycheck…but, are you starting to feel stuck? Is there a feeling of just going through the motions, but not really engaging in your work?

After a while, it becomes easier to go on autopilot while working because you are so used to the work. However, this also means that you are no longer feeling challenged, or learning in the role. If that is occurring, a career move is likely going to be what gets you out of the rut.

3) Does my career have a purpose?

There are some jobs that are just that – a job. You get in, get out and collect your paycheck. But there are other jobs where you have enough purpose about what you are doing that it becomes a career. Which juncture are you at right now? And where would you like to be?

If you look at the outcome of your work, what is that really matters to you? You need to be clear about what matters to you to move forward. If you value education, and you are always learning in your current position, then perhaps stay the path. Or if you enjoy being part of a team, is your voice being heard? If not, then it might be time to explore new options. 

These are just some of the considerations that go into deciding on a career move. If these points have resonated with you, and you would like to create a positive change in your life, please contact us. You can also browse our job board below!

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