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If you’ve been at a job long enough, you’ve probably felt the awful singe of job burnout. Unable to wind down in the evenings or relax on the weekends, only to dread dragging yourself back to work when it’s all said and done; sound familiar?

According to a recent survey, 23% of workers said their employers had programs in place to help avoid employee burnout. While this is good news for the 23% of workers surveyed, that means over 75% of the rest of the workforce is on their own in terms of dealing with the issue.


Self-Care in the Workplace a Staple in Avoiding Job Burnout

Even a great job carries with it stress and redundancy. To avoid feeling burned out and ready to walk out the door, take matters into your own hands. Here are a few self-care ideas to keep your relationship with work healthy and to keep job burnout at bay.


Self-Care Tips While at Work

  • Eat your lunch – This sounds easy enough, but according to one article “…about half of employees feel like they cannot get up for a break at all, and just under half eat lunch at their desk.”. If this sounds like you, then it’s important to consider the effects this has on you and your ability to do your job. This is a great place to start when it comes to caring for yourself at the workplace. Step away from your desk, get your mind off your work, and nourish yourself with a healthy lunch
  • Take your break – Breaks are included in the work day for a reason; take advantage of them! Whether it’s five minutes or fifteen, leave your work space. If you can, go outside for some fresh air or a quick walk. Bring a good book to work with you to read on breaks. Regardless of what you do on your break, the important part is that you’re taking them.
  • AromatherapyEssential oils are a great tool for self-care, even in the workplace. Different scents provide different effects; for example, to lift your mood, try citrus scents. If you’re stressed and need to unwind, consider something more calming, like lavender. Oils can be used in a diffuser or on cotton balls kept in a baggie. 
  • MeditationMeditation is helpful in feeling grounded and more at peace. The bonus is that you can do it anywhere, even at work. If you can, make a habit out of meditating, whether it be at a set time during your work day (for example, before you being your work day or during one of your breaks) or simply as needed. By helping to bring you into the present moment, meditation helps to clear your mind and make way for more productivity and an improved mood.

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