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Looking to attract passive job candidates? The benefit of the passive job seekers is they can bring more experience and a good work ethic to your company. So how do you go about getting their attention? Here are a few tips to get you started:

Timing Is Everything

When reaching out to passive job candidates, it’s important to do it at the right time. The best time to reach out would be at least a year if not two to three years after they started working for their current company. At that point, many people start thinking about looking for something new. Someone who just started their new job is less likely to entertain an offer. Also, if you find out that another company is going to be downsizing and laying off some workers, that makes for a great time to reach out with what you have to offer.

Host Events and Expand Your Network

Events, whether they are casual or business focused, are a great way to meet new people and get acquainted with new potential candidates. Host your own events and attend events that are being hosted by others. It’s always great to expand your network. LinkedIn is another great way to expand your professional network. The important thing to remember is that when expanding your network, do not present yourself as a recruiter. People who have jobs are less likely to want to connect with someone who is purely out there to recruit them.

Stay In Touch

When you see a potential candidate who currently is not available, stay in touch with them. Cultivate your relationship with them. Stay connected with them on social media, invite them to your online groups and forums, and comment on their blog or profile.

Know Your Needs

It’s always important to take into account your current and future staffing needs when looking for potential candidates. Analyze your company and figure out what it will need a few months from now or a few years from now.

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