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An effective résumé can be your ticket to a dream job. A poor résumé , however, can be a detriment to your job search. A job seeker may become disgruntled because they have applied to numerous positions and have yet to be called for an interview. It could be that they likely have some issues with their résumé. The days where an applicant can walk right into a business and ask about open positions are seemingly gone. Most companies prefer online applications. While this does make the process more efficient, applicants lose the opportunity to make a face to face connection. That is why your résumé needs to be in top shape. Your résumé is their only impression of you until the interview process. A standout CV will help you obtain that elusive interview. Listed below are some helpful tips and tricks to making your resume stand out.

  • Misspelling and error free– This sounds like a no brainer, but misspellings and grammatical errors are often the reason the applicant did not receive a call back. A résumé with these issues sets off numerous alarms. Companies will likely view this candidate as someone who will not pay attention to details and give only minimal effort. Mistakes do happen, but if they failed to proofread, the hiring manager may question what else the candidate might overlook?
  • Add only relevant information– You were captain of your college intramural flag football team. That may look nice on a dating profile, but it probably should not be included on a résumé. Employers will look at such information as unprofessional. That does not mean that you should eliminate all of these activities. If you’re applying for a career that involves working with the public, your experience as a retail worker or server can prove to be very beneficial.
  • Do not add controversial information– While you should never lie on a résumé, you do not need to include every detail of your life. Associating with certain organizations may leave a sour taste in the hiring managers mouth. Including your college fraternity or sorority may stick out if the HR manager happens to be a member of it as well. However, if your fraternity or sorority has been in the news for it’s nefarious deeds, it would be best to leave that out. You should also steer clear of any religious or political affiliations.
  • Use “action” language– Instead of simply listing your previous job duties, list what you accomplished. For example, in lieu of saying “Sales Department Supervisor,” say “Increased total sales profits by 12% for the fiscal year.” Action language will stick out among the other résumés.

The digital age gave rise to more competition for careers. Hiring managers can become overwhelmed by having to sift through hundreds of résumés. Résumés are looked at for only six seconds on average. Therefore, making sure that yours stands out is of sheer importance. Following the tips above can help you craft that standout résumé.  For more tips on the perfect resume to get you hired visit our blog today.

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