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The main growth strategy for staffing franchises is to attract and retain quality clients. How this is accomplished will, ultimately, determine the results. In this regard, let’s discuss 4 ways starting your own staffing franchise can attract and retain quality clients.

Understanding why employers hire staffing agencies:

Staffing franchises are typically one step ahead of their non-franchise competition, as they have an established system from which to work. With nearly 20,000 staffing firms in the U.S., the competition is tough, yet the staffing industry is growing and in-demand. Starting with a franchise will help, as will an understanding of why employers hire staffing agencies in the first place.

According to the American Staffing Association’s fact sheet: “Staffing Firms Offer Flexible Workforce Solutions to U.S. Businesses for a Competitive Edge”, posted April 1, 2015 – here are the top reasons why:

    • 47% Opportunity to gauge the fit before hiring
    • 41% Access more candidates
    • 38% Ability to fill positions quickly
    • 32% Flexibility to easily change size of workforce based on project load
    • 26% Access to talent with specialized skills

Each industry and business will have specific reasons for partnering with a staffing agency; it’s up to each agency to understand the specific needs of the clients they serve. By scheduling strategic sessions to inform workforce members about certain targeted industries and recently onboarded clients, agencies will be more responsive to their clients’ specific needs and desires.

Transparent Recruitment Processes

Businesses and organizations that hire staffing agencies want to know what recruitment processes are being used. Ultimately, they want to make sure the fees are worth paying for. Agencies will attract and retain quality clients when their recruitment process is transparent.

Being transparent to clients about the methods, strategies, and systems used will ensure both parties are on the same page. Whether or not the methods are in-depth or simple, clients will appreciate the transparency. Mostly, they just want the fees they’re paying to be worth the results.

Investing time into building the business relationship

The majority of the actual work of a staffing agency will be sourcing, onboarding, and managing employees. According to American Staffing Association:

“During the course of a year, American’s staffing companies hire nearly 16 million temporary and contract employees.”

While the majority of the work is focused on this important function, building client relationships shouldn’t be neglected. Maybe this means there’s a dedicated management team that focuses on attracting and retaining clients, including by building strong business relationships with them.

Every client that needs the HR services of a staffing agency should be treated with equal respect and attention. Agencies will build solid businesses relationships by taking the time to listen and understand each of their client’s goals and desires. These efforts will give agencies insights into specific industries and lead to growth and referrals in that sector.

Finding and preparing quality hires

The main reason businesses and organizations partner with staffing agencies is to source and recruit new employees. One of the biggest ways to attract and retain quality clients, therefore, is to provide quality talent. Finding and preparing quality hires is something agencies can focus on excelling at, in order to satisfy clients and keep them coming back.

Staffing agencies can develop creative strategies to accomplish this, for instance, they can: optimize their onboarding process to include videos and presentations for specific clients, spend time coaching hires on the characteristics of the company of interest, use sourcing methods that target industry minded hires, etc.

The methods will differ on how to source and prepare quality hires, yet the result will be favorable for attracting and retaining quality clients. Spending the extra time needed to prepare each new hire will go a long way in ensuring a smooth transition and experience for both parties.


Starting your own staffing franchise could be a viable business opportunity with long-term growth projections in the U.S. Starting with an established system, with nationwide networking and support, helps agencies focus more on attracting and retaining quality clients and hires.

By understanding why businesses and organizations partner with staffing agencies, having a transparent recruitment process, investing the time to build business relationships, and finding and preparing quality hires – agencies will be able to attract and retain quality clients.

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