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Companies and organizations hire temporary employees when they need short term workers, or when they just want to try before making long term commitments. If you’re hired, there’s no guarantee the position will turn into a full time one. But if you play your cards right, you can turn it into a permanent position. Are you wondering how? Read on.

Have The Right Mindset

Treat your temp job as though it is already a permanent position. This means going an extra mile to overachieve by arriving to work early and staying late to accomplish tasks, if necessary.  

It is equally important to avoid seeing yourself as just a temp worker. You got hired because your skills are needed. Now you have the opportunity to demonstrate the quality of work you can produce, your commitment to the position, and your enthusiasm towards full-time employment.

Develop A Genuine Interest In Your Job

It’s not uncommon to see temps treat their jobs as just something temporary. They often don’t take their work seriously. If you want to increase your chances of getting hired full-time, you must do more than just show up. For starters, find ways to maximize your productivity

In addition to this, offer great service to your employers, clients, and fellow workers consistently. Make them feel as though they can’t perform better without you. The surest way to achieve this is by anticipating your boss’ needs and proactively offering great ideas or help.

Show You’re A Valuable Asset

Although your job is temporary, there are many ways to prove that you are valuable. For example, you can use performance metrics to show your accomplishments, such as forging strong relationships at work, exceeding sales targets, and helping others achieve.  

Remember to record these achievements. When the time comes for your review, you will have solid evidence to prove that you are a valuable asset to your company or organization.

Use Your Fresh Perspective

Since you are new to the job, you can easily identify ways to improve systems and efficiency. If you do, make a list and share your ideas  with your manager. This  will show that you can identify gaps in the company or organization, and you can easily find ways to improve them.

Similarly, become  proactive in volunteering for new opportunities and get involved in implementing changes. These strategies could justify recruiting you full time.


Reinforce your value by networking within your company. Try to know people in management who make the hiring decisions. A great goal to set could be to at least strive to shake hands with these people, and introduce yourself. That way, you get to learn more about them and the company.

Don’t ignore your colleagues. They have the potential to say what a ‘great temp’ you have been. Keep in mind that your coworkers are great sources of information to hiring managers. So network with them and show that you are more valuable as a full-time employee.

Turning a temp job into a permanent one can be nerve-racking if you don’t devise a strategy. With these tips, you can easily transition from a temp worker to a full-time employee in no time. If you need more tips on putting your best foot forward in the working world, be sure to visit our blog or  contact us today!

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