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Starting a staffing franchise is a big decision for anyone. Most first-time franchisees come from a long and successful career, have experience managing and running business locations on their own, and are willing to give up a few years of sleepless nights getting the new business running. In other words, franchising isn’t for everyone.  If you’re one of the few called to start your own business and become a successful entrepreneur, you’ll know. Many people warm their way up to franchise ownership, thinking about it for a few years as they get their personal life, career, and finances all in order for the big change. Are you ready to start planning to become a staffing franchise entrepreneur? If you resonate with these five signs, then the answer is yes.

1) You Understand Business Staffing Needs

The first step to being ready to start your own staffing business is to understand what is needed. If you’re a staffing professional this is a fantastic place to start from but really anyone can start a staffing franchise as long as they possess two key elements: The willingness to follow a system and the desire to help others. If you have experience maintaining a facility’s finances, an understanding of industry need for talented employees, and are ready to start match-making, then you are even one step closer to opening your own staffing business.

2) You Are Energetic and Motivated to Achieve More in Your Career

Starting a staffing agency isn’t something that allows for many naps or quiet weekends or even reliable evenings off. The first few years of any new business are always a bit harrowing, full of antics and setbacks that could have you working all night for a week, catching catnaps whenever possible with your phone set to wake you the moment an important call comes in. If you’ve still got a huge supply of get-up-and-go driving you forward at work and home every day, then you probably have enough energy to start your own staffing franchise.

3) You Feel That You’ve Outgrown Your Position in Your Current Job

When someone decides to leave their steady salaried position to start their own business, there’s almost always a trigger. For many, this is simply the fact that they ran out of upward mobility but still had plenty of capability to contribute. All that energy and ambition has to go somewhere. If you’re already the highest level manager you can be and feel that you’re quickly outgrowing your current position and employer, this need to expand and succeed could be the perfect motivation and opportunity to build a new business. 

4) You Have a Solid Plan to Achieve the Necessary Financing for Business Startup

Of course, you can’t just magic a business out of ambition and thin air. The building, materials, training, and staff salary all have to come from somewhere and that is your startup capital. Some franchisees start with their own savings, others pool resources with friends and family. Many people seek a large personal loan for the initial startup capital and some have even been successful crowdfunding the needed resources. If you already have a plan for how you will finance your new business, you are much closer to becoming an entrepreneur than you may realize.  If you need some ideas on finding startup capital check out our recent blog on that topic: 4 Ways to Fund Your Startup Staffing Agency.

5) You’re Ready to Take Charge of Your Own Company

The final decision making factor when choosing to leave your current stable career or strike out on your own is whether or not you are personally ready to be the boss. Owning a company is a big responsibility. Not just to your and your investors but to those you hire and serve as well. To your employees, you are their livelihood and going under would dump them into unemployment. For your future customers, they may come to rely on the services you provide and you are responsible for making them happy. If all that responsibility feels good to you, then you have the right temperament to be a good boss and staffing franchise owner.

Are you ready to start your own staffing franchise? If you’re confident, capable, have a plan, and are ready to lead a new team as a successful entrepreneur, then the answer is yes. For more information on how to get started, contact us today!  If you want to learn about 4 Benefits of Owning a Staffing Franchise click below.


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