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Picture for a moment what it would be like if you knew exactly which interview questions would reveal a candidate’s real personality. Not just the professional mask they put on for the interview, but the real, quality talent that will help your business thrive.

Imagine how you’d feel if you really got to know your candidates in the few minutes that an interview allows for. Just picture how much time and money you could save by hiring the right person every time. Not only a qualified employee but one who fits the culture and direction of your company.

The good news is that dreaming about selecting the right candidate isn’t just a fantasy – it CAN happen.

And all you have to do to separate the good talent from the high-quality talent is to ask a few unconventional interview questions.

Here are 5 surprisingly revealing interview questions that could help you hire high-quality talent…


“Can you describe yourself in one word?”

Everyone has a small speech prepared for the standard ‘tell me about yourself’ question in the interview, but narrowing it down to one word is an entirely different challenge. How well the candidate knows themselves and how they choose to define themselves can give you unique insight into their personality. The best candidates aren’t the ones who blurt out a quick answer, instead, they take a moment to think it over and they give you a meaningful response.

“Who is your role model and why?”

Asking a candidate about their role model can reveal a lot about what they aspire to be and what traits they value in other people. While you want hard-workers on your team, you also want employees who can be empathetic and share your company’s core values. High-quality talent will value more than just the final outcome of a project – they’ll understand how you get there is just as important.

“Tell me about a time you totally lost your temper – why and what happened after?”

Candidates are always looking to gloss over the ugly stuff in their interviews, but with this question, there’s no way for them to avoid it. The truth is, everyone gets mad and sometimes we say things that we probably shouldn’t have in the heat of the moment. The important part of this question isn’t so much why the candidate lost their temper, it’s what they did after to make amends or improve the situation.

“How would your best friend describe you?”

Best friends don’t often work together, so asking this question gives you a chance to get a peek at the real person applying for the job. Maybe they’re the voice of reason within their group or the one who always has an idea for the next road trip. Whatever the answer, it gives you both a break from only focusing on the professional side of things.

“What career accomplishment makes you the most proud? Why?”

While it is very important to hire someone who can do the job well, you also want to make sure you are hiring a candidate that takes pride in their work.  This question is a great opportunity to give the candidate a chance to share a career highlight. This question will also help you better understand what type of work makes them feel fulfilled and satisfied. It will help you determine if the type of work they are looking for aligns with what the role entails.

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