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You’ve just earned your long coveted degree and you’re now in the process of finding a well paying job in your field. After a long period of sending out application, after resume, after reference page, you have finally score an interview with what sounds like an ideal employer. The only problem? They are in a different city, or even state from your current residence, and traveling to their office is out of the question at the moment. Luckily, phone interviews have become very common in hiring practices. Phone interviews are allowing for prospective employees to interview for their dream jobs from the comfort of their homes. However, to avoid getting to comfortable when speaking with a potential employer, here are five tips you should know to help you ace your next phone interview.

1. Dress as If You’re There in Person: 

  • While it may be tempting to dress comfortably in your pajamas or sweatpants when talking on the phone, dressing as if you’re in an in person interview will keep you in a professional mindset. It will  also train you to always dress for the job you want. In an article for CBS News, Marketing Yourself author Malcolm O. Munro dictates that dressing up for your over the phone interview “allows you to focus while also checking to see if your suit still fits.”

2. Listen, then Talk:

  • Let the interviewer speak first, and listen very closely to be sure you never speak over them. Because there is no visual cue over the phone to let you know when someone is done speaking, it is important to listen for the cue to begin your answers. Keep a notepad nearby to write down any questions that may come up during the interview. You can also use the notepad to collect all of your thoughts and to make yourself sound more organized. When speaking, stand up straight and smile as if you are in the room with your interviewer. As a practice tool,  Forbes writer Deborah  L. Jacobs recommends “recording your voice while smiling and again while not smiling”.  There is a notable, more positive difference in the smiling voice over, which will appeal to an employer that is only going by your voice. 

3. Keep the Company Website On Tab:

  • Similar to keeping notes for questions during the interview, it would be beneficial to have the job listing on the company’s website pulled up on your laptop during the interview. The interviewer does not need to know that you are on the website, and you will appear more informed and proactive in learning as to what the job entails. You can also use the website to come up with any last minute questions pertaining to the company, such as their mission statement and how it will benefit you as a potential employee.

4. Put a Face to Your Name:

  • You should have already submitted your resume and portfolio to your potential employer if you are already in the interview stage of your job hunt. As an added benefit to your interviewer, put a link to your online portfolio, professional website, or LinkedIn account that shows pictures of you looking your best and participating in your chosen field. This will provide your interviewer with more physical information about you, which has the potential of making you more memorable than just a voice on the phone.

5. Create a Quiet, Professional Environment.

  • Your interviewer may be conducting the phone call in the privacy of their office, isolated from any distractions in the workplace. You probably will not have that luxury, so it is important to create a peaceful and professional environment from your end as much as possible. Find an isolated space free of any background noise or distractions, even if it is the privacy of your parked car. Just don’t drive while conducting the interview, it will ruin your focus. Also, have water nearby to prevent your throat from getting dry during the interview. Take sips in between lengthy discussions from your interviewer’s end, so that you will not  have any water in your mouth when it is your turn to speak. 

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