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Owning a franchise puts you in a unique position as both a business owner and as part of a much larger brand. You get all the benefits of brand recognition, an established system, and a business plan that you know has worked in other locations but you also get to be your own boss and run your own shop. This amount of power can be exciting, stressful, and sometimes just a little bit overwhelming but with the right attitude, approach, team, and techniques, you should be more than capable of getting your franchise off the ground and coasting comfortably within a reasonable amount of time. Whether you’ve just opened your doors or you’re looking for a quick guide on how to improve your game, we have five tips ready for any franchise owner who wants to improve their skills, community relationship, and leadership abilities.

1) Be a Hands-On Boss Every Day

There are two different kinds of business owners. There are those that technically own the business but are hardly ever in and leave everything to the staff to handle. Absentee owners are incredibly common and most people have no idea who the owner of their place of employment is. Then there are the business owners who are always in the shop and can run the business from top to bottom. They can and do fill in for missing employees, rescue staff from problematic clients, and are well known and liked by everyone associated with the business. We suggest you be the second type, hands-on, active, supportive, and capable of truly running the business.

2) Stay Compliant with Regulations and Laws

When you’re completely swamped with the tasks of keeping the business moving forward and financially afloat, it can be hard to remember all the tiny little rules and regulations that the company may need to conform to. From safety to personal data security, there is probably a reasonable selection of regulations that apply to your business both through the franchise policies and the local laws. Make sure you both know what these are and that your team is remaining within the compliance zone to avoid trouble down the road.

3) Get Involved in the Community

If you’re running a local business, especially a staffing franchise which is one of the rising franchise markets, you’ll want to have some connections in the community. In fact, you want your business to be seen as an active, supportive member of the community that the nearby neighborhoods can trust. Participate in community events, help local youth organizations fundraise for trips, and try to remember every face you meet along with a Rolodex of their grandkids, friends, and pets, for light chit-chat

4) Build Your Company Culture

Company culture is formed based on the way your team interacts with each other. Whether they’re playful or serious, regionally loyal or cosmopolitan, and whether lurking biases are allowed to seep in. If you want your company culture to be healthy, friendly, and productive later, make sure to monitor activity now and encourage the right kind of attitudes while subtly discouraging any discriminatory or otherwise unfriendly behavior. Company culture forms organically but you can also grow it perfectly like a Bonzai tree, pruning where it needs to be pruned and nurturing the best parts.

5) Be Yourself and Stick to the Book

Finally, there is a special balance between being your own business owner and sticking to the big franchise guidebook. It is vital that you run the business in a way that works for you, your team, and your local community. Beyond that, leave everything to the book. For more great tips on how to run and improve your franchise or to see if starting a staffing franchise is right for you, contact us today!