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Searching for your dream job while working full-time may seem like it’s all sunshine and rainbows. After all, you’re already collecting a paycheck and you know that most recruiters prefer employed candidates because they have current skills, right? If you thought that though, you would be incorrect.

Unless your employer has informed you of upcoming layoffs and allowed you to use working hours to look for new jobs, applying for open positions can be a nightmare. To succeed, you must make stealthy moves. If you are wondering how to do this, continue reading.

Keep Your LinkedIn Profile Up-To-Date

Most recruiters use social media when hiring and LinkedIn is one of the most widely used platforms. You should update your profile regularly because potential employers are more likely to look at it when your resume shows up.

When updating your profile, consider the following:

  • Turn off your notifications to avoid broadcasting your updates across your entire network.
  • Ensure that your updates are consistent with your current position.

Schedule Your Interviews Outside Work Hours

If you’re called for interviews, request for slots outside of work hours. Most employers will understand your request if you’re open about your need for discretion.

Some candidates often call in sick but that is not always a wise move. Your boss may want to have a conference call with you or you may start to raise some suspicions with so many doctor appointments. Therefore, it would be best to  just take a day off and focus on preparing for your interviews.

Avoid Listing Your Boss As A Reference Too Early

After working with your current employer for a while, you may be tempted to list your boss as a reference.  Although it is natural, it could jeopardize your job search especially if a potential employer were to call your boss before making you an offer.

Always remember that reference checks should be the last step in your job hunt and not a screening tool. So, don’t offer any reference until the process is complete.

Remain Efficient At Work

Remaining productive and efficient at work while looking for another job can be challenging, but you can’t afford to be unproductive.

The secret is staying organized and planning ahead. And here are a few ways to do just that:

  • Create an outstanding cover letter
  • Update your resume and online profile
  • Prioritize work-related tasks
  • Set deadlines
  • Update your calendar regularly

Don’t Jump The Gun

Just because you had a hopeful interview does not mean you can act prematurely. Keep in mind that you only have your current job until you receive, accept, and sign another job offer, so tread carefully. Do not drop hints, pick fights, or check out from your current responsibilities.

Job hunting while working full-time requires you to be patient, discreet, and efficient. But with these tips, you can look for your dream job and still meet your current job’s expectations. Do you want to learn more? Contact NEXTAFF today!

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