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Every industry has its own little quirks in which certain kinds of people tend to rise to the top. In accounting, meticulous detail-oriented people do best because their work is consistently clean and precise. In marketing, people who are constantly thinking of innovative new ideas rise to the top because that’s how to make a splash in the business. But what about recruiting and staffing? Whether you are looking to start your first experience as an entrepreneur or add another business to a long line of successful launches, running a staffing franchise can be one of the most rewarding business owner experiences in the industry. No matter what line of work you come from, if you understand the needs of modern businesses in terms of high-quality talent and perfect employee matches, you just might have what it takes to become a vital part of your local business ecosystem. After all, companies need a wide variety of resources and business partners but everyone needs a skilled and dedicated staff.

So what exactly does it take to be a great staffing franchise owner? While we could wax poetic about empathy, resilience, and a fantastic team, let’s look in detail at the top five traits that will help you thrive as a staffing franchisee.

1) Energy and Ambition

The first trait of a great staffing franchise owner is energy and a driving desire to provide the best possible staffing matches in your region. Especially now during the worldwide talent crunch, businesses need skilled staffing services more intensely than ever. This means demand is high, but so are the hurdles between you and success. If you can rise to the challenge and connect your business clients with the finest talent in the industry, you’ll quickly make a name for yourself, your team, and your franchise. While the matches won’t simply fall into your lap, the right energy and ambition will make the work necessary seem easy and fun.

2) Always Networking

Speaking of the work required to make perfect talent matches, a staffing franchise’s greatest asset is their list of contacts. The more professionals and hiring businesses you know, the easier it will be to pull up exactly the right name and position match when the time comes. Whether businesses are coming to you for a talent search or job seekers are arriving looking for the best local opportunities, if you are always networking than you should always have at least a few good prospects to get your clients started.

3) Pattern Recognition

Staffing is all about seeing where the puzzle pieces fit together. Here you have a company that can only hire a part-time engineer and is worried this will be a problem and there you have an engineer and parent who only wants to work mornings while their child is in preschool. Together they are two unusual cases that match perfectly. The staffing industry is full of these unique matches and being able to spot the connections in ‘the chaos’ quickly can result in grateful parties on both sides time and time again.

4) Listening Skills

What sets great staffing businesses apart from shady recruiting services? While one could say ethics, priorities, and resources, the true answer is consideration. A staffing service cares about making the right connections between clients and job-seekers, not just collecting and reselling resumes. A perfect staffing franchise owner knows how to listen to both the companies when they describe who they want for a position and to job-seekers describing their skills and desires for an employer. When you’ve heard everything, you can make sure that matches are great in-person, not just on paper.

5) Vision

Finally, a great staffing franchise owner has a vision for where their business will be in the next five years. It’s not just about staying afloat and making a profit this year, it’s about making a reputation for your business as the solver of impossible problems. Fill positions that seem unfillable, find positions for professionals in unusual circumstances, and grow your clientele, team, and business to become a major player in local staffing.

If you’re thinking about starting a staffing franchise this year and have been checking every box on our list, then we gladly welcome you to research the Nextaff franchise. For more information about starting your own staffing franchise business, contact us today!

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