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LinkedIn is the recruiter’s go-to source to find employees.  At the same time there are thousands of job seekers using LinkedIn to submit applications and connect with employers.  So, how can you stand out? Here are five tips.

  1. Write a compelling headline.  Your headline is the first phrase that many employers notice.  Consequently, you want a headline that makes them want to keep reading.  Use this limited space to sell yourself with a brief but descriptive headline, like “Finance Manager Seeking a New Challenge” or “Creative Website Designer Engaging Your Audience.”
  2. Respond to recruiters.  Recruiters send out hundreds of messages that go unanswered.  Reply to their messages even if you are not interested.  They will appreciate the courtesy and keep you in mind for future roles.      
  3. Contribute to groups.  LinkedIn is home to professional networking groups.  Members can post articles, questions, and thoughts for discussion.  Post content and engage in existing conversations. Recruiters join industry and role specific groups in hopes of finding experts. Be one of those experts.
  4. Add keywords.  Every industry and role has keywords.  Keywords are the words that recruiters use to find your profile.  Ensure that your LinkedIn profile includes the names of certifications, software, and related things.  Also, consider conducting an internet search for keywords associated with your ideal role and industry.  Include the terms that apply to you.
  5. Be consistent.  Regularly, update your headline, send responses, contribute to groups, and manage keywords.  Posting in one forum or responding to one message is not enough. Consistent action will get you noticed.

Employers  use LinkedIn to find new employees every day.  Showcase your know-how by taking these five steps. For more tips on getting noticed, contact us today.

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