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If you haven’t interviewed for a while, or even if you have, it’s helpful to prepare ahead of time. Job interviews are your chance to impress a hiring manager with your skills, ability, background, and personality. So how do you know what questions to answer, how to go about telling your story, and what things are most important? Practice always makes perfect. Here are 5 ways you can prepare for your next job interview.

Review the Job Description

Before you walk into the interview, take the time to read over the job description. This will ensure that the information is fresh in your head and you can speak about your experience directly as it relates to what they want to see in a candidate. You can tailor your responses to use their language to help you connect to the company.

Research the Company

You should also do your own homework before going into the interview. You never want to ask the questions, “So what does your company do?” Take some time ahead of the interview to look at their website. Read the front page and the about page at the very least. You can also check out the company’s profiles on social media so you can see up to date information about things they’re doing.

Think About Answers to Common Questions

Most interviewers will have forms of very similar questions. They may ask about your strengths and weaknesses. They may ask behavioral questions about how you react to certain situations on the job. When you know these questions are coming, you can feel confident in your ability to answer. Check out some common interview questions and consider your answers.

Prepare for Wardrobe and Commute

Preparing ahead of time for what you’ll wear and how you’ll get this is also important. First, pick out the clothes that are professional but also fit the tone of the company. A suit, for example, is still a good choice for most opportunities. However, for more casual environments such as an industrial position, a suit might make you look too stuffy. Also, be sure to follow any directions given by the interviewer. Also, check the commute and make sure you can get there without being late.

Pre-plan Your Follow Up

You always want to follow up after an interview. It can be helpful to prepare for that ahead of time so you don’t forget. If your interview is in the morning, you’ll want to send a note that afternoon. If it’s later in the day, it’s okay to send it the next morning. Prepare the basics by writing down some notes, then you’ll be able to add some specific things from the interview itself.

Are you prepared for your next interview?

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