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Have you recently visited your LinkedIn Profile? Is it something you keep updated or do you tend to forget about it for a while? LinkedIn is still considered the best online networking platform for professionals, so it’s always useful to keep it up to date so recruiters and other hiring managers can find you. What can you do you make your LinkedIn profile stand out in the crowd? Here are 6 upgrades that you should make to your profile today.  

Be Sure You Can Be Found 

People often think that making their LinkedIn profile private or confidential is better so the wrong people can’t find them, but it keeps the right people from finding them either. Make sure your profile is public. There is also the option to allow recruiters to find you. If you’re currently working and you don’t want your employer to think you’re looking for another job, then don’t select that option. Otherwise, make sure it’s selected.  


Make Your Photo Professional 

There are a lot of online platforms that require your profile photo. For many, like Twitter or Facebook, people like to include a photo that shows their personality. But LinkedIn needs to be handled differently. You always need to have a professional headshot for your profile photo. If you can get it professionally done, that’s great. Otherwise, take a good close photo of your face without busy backgrounds.  


Always Use a Background Photo 

As with Facebook and Twitter, and several other platforms, LinkedIn allows you to have a banner or background photo on your profile. Many people skip this option because they feel it’s unnecessary. However, it does make your profile look complete and can even give people another glimpse of who you are as a professional. It doesn’t have to be fancy. A stock photo of a computer or a photo with a quote would be perfect. Look at other people in your field to see what they’re using.  


Customize Your Headline 

On LinkedIn, you also have an option to create a headline. Many people make this their current job description. But, it will be more impactful for you to make your headline stand out as the key piece of information you want someone to know about you. For example, if you’re actively looking for a job, you may say “Experienced Executive Assistant Seeking New Opportunity.”  


Use Media to Make it Pop 

LinkedIn also gives you the ability to add more than just text to your profile. Whenever you can, link additional media. Use photos or other images. If you’ve made a presentation you’re particularly proud of, you can include that too. It’s also helpful to connect it to websites that you have contributed to or your own.  


Update Regularly  

The best part about LinkedIn is that it can act as a living resume. When you do something new or have an accomplishment to share, add it to your profile. Then, when you do need to update your resume, you won’t forget anything that you should add. While your resume should be concise and only include the most important information, your LinkedIn page can include everything.  


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