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Written By: Jessica Howington

Losing a job ranks pretty low on things people want to experience. It happens, though, for a variety of reasons and can happen without much notice. So, how do you recover from job loss and move on in your career? By evaluating the things that can be done differently and focusing on the opportunities you have ahead of you.

Job loss, whether from being fired or being laid off, can come as a shock, and the first few days can easily be consumed with stress and anger. However, the loss could be a blessing in disguise. Maybe you’ve hated your job for as long as you’ve had it. Maybe you felt you weren’t being given the opportunity to apply your skills. Perhaps it was a dead-end career with no growth. No matter the reason, there is a silver lining to having the opportunity to focus on new career opportunities. Rather than dwell on the circumstances that can’t be controlled, put your best foot forward and use the list below to take stock of the lessons you can learn from job loss.

Here are seven lessons to learn from job loss:

1. Evaluate what needs to be done differently.

Nobody likes to let their shortcomings hang around, but evaluating areas you could improve can help you in developing the skills you need to be a better staffer. Were you ever given critical feedback? If so, use that to become a stronger, more experienced professional.

2. Find your right fit.

Sure, you might have liked your job enough, and the pay was perfect for your lifestyle. What about finding a job you love? Or a company where you feel passionate about the mission? Or, what about a job with a higher salary? Job loss can create an opportunity for you to do something different, earn a higher salary, and finally, find that work-life balance you’ve been desperately chasing.

3. Be mindful of internal company happenings.

If you didn’t see the loss of your job coming, it might be time to learn to be more mindful of internal company happenings. In many instances, layoffs or force reductions are quietly discussed and visible within a company. However, if this sort of behavior makes you feel a bit grossed out and icky, use this in your job search. Evaluate a company’s culture and ask about its transparency.

4. Prove yourself to be valuable.

Although being a high performer won’t necessarily save you from a force reduction, it can help keep you in a more positive light when the times comes. That could mean anything from a good recommendation, assistance in sourcing new opportunities, or advanced notice that things are going south. When you make yourself valuable and learn to raise your hand at work, people notice you and build relationships with you.

5. Build a network.

Job loss can happen suddenly, which means a job search has to begin almost immediately. Having a strong network available can help to ease the transition from one job to another. A network is also a great place to gather information, which could help you spot potential issues with a company.

6. Use the right lingo.

Once you start your job search, you’ll be asked why you left your previous position. Rather than use common terms such as “fired” or “laid off,” focus on terms explaining a force reduction or position elimination. While this won’t save you from a full-on verbal explanation at some point, it will show your job loss in a better light.

7. Stay positive and move on.

When you lose a job, the last thing you typically feel is positive. Well, unless you hated your job. Then, you might feel a bit of relief. However, as you move into your job search, keep yourself positive. Don’t hold onto the anger, and don’t bad talk your previous employer during your search. Try to accept it for what it is and move on.

Recovering from job loss may take some time, but if you are ready to take the next step in your career, click on the link below and browse our job board to apply for what could be your next dream job!

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