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Look around, the workplace has changed and so has the hiring game as a result. And if hiring managers like yourself want to continue to find quality talent, you must change with the times. But that doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Here’s why.

Among the many benefits of the changing employment landscape, the most obvious benefit is the abundant talent available. In fact, research shows that there are more qualified candidates available than ever, just ripe for the picking. But as you know, solid recruiting isn’t just about filling a job; it’s about finding a long-term organizational fit, too. Filling and refilling the same job over and over just isn’t the best use of your skills as a recruiter and quite frankly a waste of everyone’s time. So, how exactly are you supposed up your recruiting game, find qualified candidates with long-term potential, and save time? The answer is X-FACTOR!

X-FACTOR, which is NEXTAFF’s proprietary recruiting method, is a new scientific approach to hiring quality talent that covers all the necessary bases that you as a recruiter need to cover and then some. How? First and foremost, the X-FACTOR method addresses the uncertainty of human judgment previously relied upon to identify qualified candidates and instead employs a pre-hire EEOC-compliant integrity assessment to screen both actively looking and passively looking candidates to weed out what we like to call “pass” candidates.

That’s right, before candidates talk to any of the hiring mangers, they must first go through several assessments and additional screening tools. But wait, it gets better and even more in-depth. The “pass” candidates, those who successfully make it through the X-FACTOR assessments, then participate in structured interviews, drug screens, and safety tests before being interviewed as a final step in determining organizational fit and long-term potential.

The science works. But don’t take our word for it. With the likelihood of success 5x greater than traditional staffing methods, X-FACTOR is without a doubt the next best thing in hiring quality talent and the answer to modern-day recruiting.

For more information about our new scientific approach to hiring quality talent, download our free whitepaper on “Perfecting the Perfect Hire” or contact us today.