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After the doors close behind you, take a deep breath and let it out…you did it!

Preparing for and getting through the interview process is a lot of work, not to mention how stressful it is. However, there are still a few small steps you should take!

1. Thanks – It never hurts to send an email or a card as a token of thanks. Letting them know you appreciated their time in a short and sweet way works well to show your interest and to keep them thinking about you. Doing this within a few days  is the perfect time, as everything will still be fresh in the memories of those you interacted with. It’s important, though, not to go overboard or to ask about their decision at this time.

2. Wait – The waiting is probably the hardest part of the interview process. Immediately, you probably started picking everything apart  and thinking of things you wish you would have said instead of celebrating how well you think you did. Either way, you’ll want to refrain from calling or sending an email right away to find out if you got the job. Afterall, you were probably given a time frame for when to expect word on their decision. Wait at least that long before you inquire about their choice.

3. Learn – Sometimes, someone else will be chosen for the job. Instead of beating yourself up about it and getting discouraged, use it as an opportunity to improve for next time. You can follow-up with the interviewer and ask for their input about your strengths and weaknesses as well as general feedback. This will help you improve your interviewing skills for the future. Just be sure that you don’t allow any negativity into your inquiry. This will show that you truly care about not only that position, but also their company and that you hold their opinions highly. You never know if they’ll have an opening down the road!

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