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We often discuss topics related to landing the interview, preparing your resume, and making the best impressions. Today, we’re highlighting one of the most critical aspects of the professional interview, the follow-up.

If you’re not following up with the hiring managers, you’re missing out on an opportunity to demonstrate your ability to follow through, and you could be misrepresenting to them that you’re not interested in the position altogether. If the hiring decision is narrowed down to two candidates, the candidate with the best follow-up strategy will likely land the role. Here are three tips to initiating your best follow up plan.

Requests for Additional Information

If during the interview, the hiring manager requested references, additional information about your education or anything else, be sure to provide those immediately. It’s best, if possible, to deliver the information the same day. If you think it’s going to take longer than a day, follow up with the hiring manager by email or phone, to inform him or her that you’re securing the additional information requested and set a timeline to deliver it. Be mindful of sending or fulfilling these other requirements, specifically as the manager instructed, whether it be via email, fax, or in person.


We often remind applicants to thank the hiring managers for their time. The ‘thank you’ gesture is also a great way to follow up and keep your candidacy top of mind. Sending a professional email, indicating you are appreciative of the hiring manager’s time in interviewing you for the position, is a professional courtesy. It also puts your name and email at the top of the inbox again.

When to Call

You’ll want to adhere to the hiring process timeline that may have been outlined for you during the interview. If the manager indicated the decision won’t be final for another two weeks, don’t be a nuisance and call every other day prior. In this scenario, we would recommend maybe emailing a week, or a week and a half, into that timeline. Acknowledge you understand the hiring decision isn’t immediate, but offer to make yourself available, should the manager have additional questions for you or require another interview. If you’re not sure when they plan to make a decision, a follow-up call, with the same message, one week later is recommended. Some positions take weeks to fill, depending on the number of candidates and the company’s processes. Be patient, but be diligent.

Remember, following up after your interview demonstrates your enthusiasm about the job and your appreciation for the company’s consideration. For more best practices on how to follow up after your interview, contact us!

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