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As more and more millennials enter the workforce, the common hiring obstacles have changed. Younger candidates aren’t as concerned about landing any old job. Instead, they are worried about finding something they love and feeling valued in the workplace.

For hiring managers, this can add another layer of complication to the process. Job descriptions should accurately reflect the daily tasks and projects that a candidate can expect, as well as being candid about benefits and schedule. It can get pretty complicated in the world of talent acquisition! But does it have to be?

Just like we rely on proven methods of success when choosing the right diet, the right computer, and even the right hair stylist, we should also rely on proven methods of finding the right quality candidates. 

So what attracts great millennial candidates to your job? 

Being upfront about what you can offer

In the age of information, millennials are looking to get the most information they can about any potential new job. By providing benefits, salary ranges and perks of employment up front, you offer them a chance to see honesty and transparency right away. Hiring quality talent from this generation means adapting to the needs of millennials. While perks and benefits are a great resource to highlight, most millennials want to see how your company purpose impacts the world. Looking for quality talent in this new interconnected generation means getting clear about your company mission, goals, and purpose on each job description. 

Having a strong presence on hiring platforms

Where can younger generations find your job openings? Making it easily accessible for potential new employees to find your job openings is crucial to securing the loyalty and interest of younger hires. Using a less traditional method of hiring appeals to millennials, as they are often looking for jobs while in their current position. By utilizing professional resources like specified hiring techniques, you can easily integrate your job openings for multiple platforms and outreach. 

Staying engaged throughout the hiring process

Millennials are looking for loyalty in a company, despite what many may think. Staying engaged with your potential new employees while they are candidates is key. Human touch is important to stand apart from other companies competing for the same talent. Staying in contact with candidates throughout the hiring process, quickly responding to candidates questions, and informing them on next steps are all great ways to ensure younger generations stay engaged throughout the candidate pipeline. 

Check out our guide to perfecting the perfect hire for more tips and tricks!

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