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We’ve seen it a thousand times: intelligent, eloquent, and upbeat cover letters coupled with resumes showcasing a seemingly high-functioning self-starter with just the right experience, training, and certifications for the job you need to fill.

The interview goes well, the hiring team is on board, time is of the essence, and an offer letter is signed. But then the candidate turns out not to be the shining star they initially claimed.

There are several options to remedy this situation, but they’re all significantly harder than avoiding it in the first place.

Exaggerated resumes are a reality, especially in a low-unemployment economy where people are hesitant to leave one job unless the next promises markedly superior wage and benefit  packages. To compete, candidates sometimes stretch the truth. Employers are left to deal with the aftermath.

This is where the XFACTOR comes in.

NEXTAFF’s hiring tools will not only help you fill positions with high quality employees; we’ll also help you prepare the profiles, metrics, and job descriptions you’ll need for future vacancies and future positions within your company.  You’ll be able to hire quickly and efficiently, but without the potential dangers of unvetted candidates slipping through.

Our XFACTOR process begins with a meeting alongside you and your team to discuss the hiring practices that have been successful for you in the past and those that haven’t. We’ll then draft a road map of your our needs (current and future), develop XFACTOR profiles for those needs, and begin drafting job descriptions.

As part of our nine-step process, all applicants–no matter who recommends them, where they went to school, or where they were last employed–will undergo a thorough, objective screening. Our 100-question assessments tap into issues of integrity, cognition, and personality.

The answers to our 100-question assessment are compared against your XFACTOR profile, and the top-scoring applicants advance to the phone screening process.

Here, we can put a voice to the cover letter, resume, and test scores. We analyze compatibility, and if there are no glaring issues, we schedule an in-person interview.

Upon conclusion of our interviews, we provide you a list of fully vetted candidates. You then schedule your own final interview with the top candidates in the pool. In addition to the application documents, NEXTAFF will also provide you and your team the full XFACTOR report so that you can zero in on the issues and qualifications that matter most to your business.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you hire quality talent in a tight job market. Based on this article, we recommend you read: Hiring Quality Talent Improves Employee Retention, and Social Compatibility: Hiring Quality Talent to Fit in With Your Team.

NEXTAFF helps companies Hire Quality Employees.  By offering a complete range of temporary staffing agency services, we help your company – no matter where you are in your business evolution – raise productivity through hiring better quality employees. We are able to service all your staffing agency needs with local staffing offices in Raleigh-NC, Overland Park-KS, Kansas City-MO, Houston-TX, Gulf Coast-MS, Phoenix-AZ, Orlando-FL, Harrisburg-PA and Miami-FL.