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People generally put forth their best selves when they are filling out applications and answering interview questions. Yet, they sometimes fail to continue to be their best selves once they get hired. It is important to realize that the way you act in the days and weeks just after you have been hired will set the stage for how your coworkers and supervisors view you.  possibly for the rest of your time with the company and even after you have left.

An article from The HR Digest talks about some of the common mistakes new hires make after getting a new job. One of the major keys to being a great employee is to find that balance between overworking yourself and slacking off on the job. There are several ways you can go about achieving this balance at work. 

  • When in doubt, overdress.

    It’s better to be the best-dressed person at your workplace than to be the one employee that shows up under-dressed. If you get the chance, ask someone about the dress code prior to your start date. If that is not possible, think about how your interviewer dressed and dress at least as professionally as they did.

  • Give yourself time.

    You likely gave yourself plenty of time to get to your interview on time. Plan accordingly for work. If you will be fighting rush hour traffic, give yourself even more extra time. Arriving a little early everyday will show your dedication to the job. Even if some of your coworkers arrive late regularly, avoid adapting their habits. If you are the one arriving on time, your supervisor will notice.

  • Evaluate how much you can logically handle.

    As a new hire, it could be tempting to volunteer for every extra responsibility. After all, you want to make a great impression and show that you are dedicated to the company’s success. Unfortunately, you may end up overworking yourself.  If you are volunteering for everything in the beginning, others may assume that you are happy to take on every extra responsibility. While you might be fine doing this for a few weeks or even a few months, it will eventually wear on you leading to job burnout. Instead of jumping all in at once, only volunteer for extra tasks if you know that you can realistically handle them. As you progress in the company, you may be able to contribute in a much bigger way.   

If you need more advice on how to become a great employee or help finding a great job, contact us. We are here to help you find the job that’s just right for you and become the best employee you can be. 

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