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Where are you in your career right now? Even without the uncertainty of the pandemic, are you where you thought you would be professionally? We know that things can be difficult right now, but we also understand the importance of being intentional. To advance your career, you need to take ownership of it and move forward rather than just following the past of least resistance. Here’s how to stop coasting and start moving toward your goal.  

Reevaluate Your Mission  

Throughout your career, you should always take stock of your experience. What were your goals when you started this job? What do you want to accomplish in the next year or five years? Are you still on track? If you’ve found yourself off the rails, what can you do to get back? Only when you are honest with yourself can you start the process of advancing your career.  

Take Some Risks 

Advancement isn’t always easy and it isn’t always comfortable. You have to be willing to take some risks, make mistakes, and even fail. While you can stay on the path of least resistance, you may miss out on important opportunities in the future. Learn to assess risk. And when you do make a mistake, learn from it and move on.  

Trust Your Intuition  

Your gut tells you a lot of things. You most likely know when a situation is bad or wrong, but that doesn’t mean you act on it. In the advancement of your career, it’s important to listen to your intuition. If you’re asked to do something that doesn’t match up with your core values, you may not be on the right path. If you feel like a move is right, jump in with both feet.  

Network Even When You’re Employed 

Many of us make the mistake of only networking when we need something. The truth is, networking works best when you’re constantly nurturing it. Make use of social media, especially LinkedIn, right now when face to face connections aren’t as easy to achieve. You never know where a connection can lead in the future.  


This sounds counterintuitive, but it works. Sometimes you have to step away to see your career path with a fresh perspective. This is best served when you take time for yourself. Take a break, a personal day off, or a vacation. While you’re away, try not to think about work or let it affect you. Consider what you want to do every day if you had complete control over it. Then see how you can improve your work to better suit your lifestyle. 

Do you want to advance your career? Call Nextaff Temp Agency in Detroit to see what we’re working on today.  

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