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Have you ever wished that an HR department you have worked with had better policies, or was better at fitting new hires to open positions? In the course of a long career, we’ve all second-guessed HR more than a few times, and not just about vacation days. It’s always painful to see a colleague or someone you manage who just isn’t a good fit for the job they have, but we see this happen all the time. The fact of the matter is that hiring managers aren’t perfect, they’re human. And so are the job seekers. No doubt you’ve seen just as many people who apply for jobs they are not suited for as you have hiring managers who select the unsuited candidates.

The Solutions Every Recruiter Seeks

This is an inherent problem with the current staffing industry, one that every dedicated professional is working to solve. Some are using greater automation and technical solutions to try to pinpoint exactly what makes one candidate better than another, especially when their credentials are comparable. Some apply their own personal intuition, and try to teach their employees to spot the unique little social and personality markers that differentiate a good fit from a bad one. Undoubtedly, if you are thinking about opening a staffing franchise, you have a few ideas of your own about how you can solve the problems you’ve seen in the HR and the staffing industries. You have the potential to lead those changes you’re hoping to see.

Opening Your Own Staffing Business

An independent staffing business doesn’t just manage HR concerns for themselves, they are the facilitators of entire communities and networks of companies. Staffing businesses are able to find positions for job seekers and candidates for the professionals with open positions to fill, no matter who approaches first. They are experts in making good matches even for positions they have only recently encountered. Running a staffing business is all about people skills and if you are an outgoing, sensitive, people person, then this could be the industry for you.

The staffing industry is particularly open to those who are passionate about making every recommendation one that will enrich the lives of job seekers and improve the teams of employers. You know that simply submitting a stack of resumes just isn’t enough. Each name you pass on to an employer needs to be someone who not only has the skills for the job, but would truly enjoy making that employer the next step in their career. By starting your own staffing business, you could have the opportunity to influence the industry and the quality of recruiting in your community. By reaching out to nearby job seekers and employers, you have the ability to ensure that the connections being made are beneficial for everyone involved.

Making a Difference in the Industry

Whether you find the best ways to use existing industry software or invent a new interview technique to better assess your matches, every staffing franchise owner could be in a unique place to make a difference not just to their local community, but to the industry as a whole. In your office, you can perfect the technique you wish to make popular through success and then share your best tactics through blog articles, videos, social media exposes, and even speaking at conventions. If you dream of the possibility of changing the staffing industry, the best place to start is with a staffing agency of your own. For more information about how to open your own staffing business through franchising with a supportive established network of other staffing professionals, contact us today.