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Is your HR program consistently using contemporary best practices in hiring? The most important trend in the field is a shift to respecting the science of matching candidates to company culture as well as the requirements of the position. Along with science, heart – in other words, the values of your company – cannot be neglected.

Hiring quality talent becomes even more important as a start-up morphs into a going concern. After the rush of the initial hires, the realities of shaping a company culture and retaining the brightest and most motivating team members sinks in – or at least, it should.  Cautionary tales such as the discussion around Uber begin to get your attention in a whole new way, whether you are a C-suite leader or part of a hard-working HR team.

The first major question to ask yourself is whether you are using current best practices in recruiting quality candidates. Here are some tips for determining where you stand.

1) Are you working effectively with colleges and universities?

Can you support a quality academic internship that will attract the emerging quality talent directly out of school? Most college graduates hold some internship before graduation. And many hope to continue with that placement after graduating. If you are building a solid program that offers something to top students, reach out to the job placement teams at local colleges and let them know.  

2)  Are you using social media skillfully to express your company values?

Make a goal statement for social media that drives contact with potential employees of interest, even if they are employed, supports the mission of your company and shows your corporate culture.  Be the place people want to work and make that visible in the articles you post and the attention you give on social media.

3) Does your compensation package reflect your values?

Pay is important, but competition now includes all the famous Silicon Valley lifestyle benefits of playtime at the job site as well. Be creative without being silly about it. Your employees can give you valuable feedback on what really matters.    

4) Are you using software tools to get smarter?

As you use modern digital data services in hiring, such as services that sift through thousands of applications and those that streamline interviews, consider that your most relevant scientific approach is to gather information on innovative hiring, work with services that get it and test new theories for yourself. This is not the time to be passive.

Best practice is a moving target.  If you are not yet using science to attract top talent, you are behind the curve. The good news is, we’re here to help! To investigate what is possible today, download our free whitepaper, Perfecting the Perfect Hire. Review the science behind hiring quality talent and Contact us with your vision and your questions.