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Building a career is a slow and careful process. It is also one of the most rewarding experiences of any professional life. We all start out fresh from school and look for those first few years of industry experience. There is a certain excitement and joy in finding a job that is a good fit and gives you opportunities for professional development. And each time you leave a job for a better opportunity, the parting may be bittersweet but the new position becomes an essential piece of a rising and rewarding career. Eventually, you find yourself in the perfect upper-level position, at the peak of your capabilities and achievements, and make a reputation for yourself that lasts well into retirement. 

Most professionals get to experience the joy of building a career only once, or perhaps twice, before it’s time to retire. But there is one professional choice you can make that could allow you to see this incredible transformation countless times: Opening a staffing franchise.

Becoming a Career Builder

When you run a staffing agency, your career is no longer the only one you get to experience. Every staffing professional has the opportunity to not only further their own career, but to help hundreds if not thousands of people over the years find the perfect next job for their own professional development. In other words, staffing professionals are career builders of the highest order.

Simply working in a staffing agency is enjoyable enough, using your expertise and connections to link eager job seekers with ideal positions. However, if you have found in your professional life before now that building careers is your passion, there is an even better option than simply working as a recruiter or hiring professional. Starting your own staffing franchise is the perfect opportunity to help countless others build their careers while, at the same time, making the ultimate move in your own career from employee to business owner.

Starting and Forwarding Countless Careers

You will get the opportunity to help professionals of all ages make the next important step in their careers. People who are leaving a toxic work environment, those who moved away from a good job for personal reasons, and people who are getting back into the job market after a break will all rely on you to help them find the next best step in their developing careers.

This is your opportunity to see lives grow and blossom before you. The connections you make between job-seekers and employers can turn lives around, transform careers, or simply make a happy connection that will last for decades. Many staffing franchise owners still get holiday cards from grateful employees who they have helped when, as a job-seeker, they needed the help most.

Building the Careers of Your Employees

Finally, let’s not forget that your candidates aren’t the only careers you’ll be furthering. As a business owner, you will also have the opportunity to create jobs and nurture new staffing professionals who share your passion for building careers. This is your chance to use your head hunting talents to pick the best and brightest of your local staffing professionals, and train a few from the ground up with how you like things done best.

While some of your employees will come and go in the development of their own careers, others may stay with you for years and even decades, happy to learn everything you know and move up the ranks. You might even train your own future colleagues, inspiring someone who will buy their own staffing franchise after learning under your mentorship.

If you have a passion for building careers and helping people make good professional development decisions, then a staffing franchise could be the perfect long-term investment. Invest in your career as a business owner and, at the same time, invest in the careers of the thousands of people you can help. For more information about how to start a staffing agency with the Nextaff franchise, contact us today!